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Learning Sight Words Has Never Been This Much Fun!

Meet the Sight Words flashcards feature over 45 basic sight words from the award winning Meet the Sight Words DVD Series. Each card features a memorable sight words character on one side with the word as seen in printed text on the other. Flashcards include words with both the traditional "" taught in schools and the 'special case' "" printed in books.

Meet the Sight Words Series products are used in thousands of schools across the country! You will be amazed at how easily your little one can learn sight words!

Includes words from popular Kindergarten Sight Words lists such as:

  • Fry Instant Words¹ – Top 30
  • Dolch Words² – Top 30
  • Instant Words determined by Fry, Kress and Found in the Reading Teachers Book of List, Fourth Edition 2000 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
  • Dolch Words prepared in 1936 by E.W. Dolch

Meet the Sight Words Flashcards