I bought this set of videos for my son and daughter-in-law while my daughter-in-law was pregnant. The first four videos: Letters, Numbers, Colors and Shapes, are geared to begin at 9 months of age.

We began showing these first 4 videos to my granddaughter when she was 6 months old. We showed her one video per day on most days, but not every day. She is now 12 months old. She is beginning to say many, many words such as: mommy, daddy, puppy, stop, sock, etc... Most babies say, "Mama" and "Dad-da." They repeat the same sound. So as another example, they might say "Kee Kee" for Kitty cat. Repeating the sound is about all they can do at this age. But my granddaughter says "Mommy," "Daddy" etc... So she is combining 2 completely different sounds together. I think these videos have helped with this! I really do!

Now she is beginning to tell us the names of the letters. We can hold up a letter and say, "What letter is this?" At 12 months, believe it or not, she can tell us the name of the letter!

I am the babies grandmother, as I mentioned above, but I am also a teacher. It is a dream come true when you can teach these things to your children with very little effort on your part. As I said, we simply showed one video per day to my granddaughter and she has learned the letters on her own from the videos alone. Because she is not fully talking yet, we are not sure how well she knows the shapes, colors and numbers. However, we expect that she knows them just as well. It's just really hard for a 12 month old to say, "Triangle" or "Purple." Time will tell in the next few months when she begins to talk more.

My granddaughter is now 14 1/2 months old. She knows and can pronounce every letter. We bought a bucket of foam letters with upper and lower case letters. She even knows the lower case letters. She also knows the numbers and can pronounce the colors purple, pink and blue. Seven is difficult for her to say. I highly recommend these videos. She loves them!

My granddaughter is now 16 months old. She knows all of the shapes and can say them. She knows all the numbers in English and Spanish, because they showed her the videos in Spanish as well.

My granddaughter is now 18 months old. Her parents have shown her the 3 sight words DVDs a few times. She has memorized all 3 levels very quickly.

These DVDs amaze me! She is not reading. She has simply memorized the sightwords.

Tracy Finke from Alabama

I love how fun they make learning, especially for such young babies growing into new toddlers. What is mostly available for this age is sing-song nursery rhymes, but this stands out because it's bright, beautiful, animated, keeps it interesting and pretty effective at teaching the basics of speech and reading and math, and its wonderful to see how it grows with the age level too! Keep up the good work!


These videos are the best! We bought them to teach our struggling first grader how to read. In addition to helping her improve her skills greatly, the videos taught her three year old brother how to read. He is now a grade ahead of where he should be in school and at the top of his class for reading. I have no doubt that his success is because of the great foundation he received through watching preschool prep.

Denyelle K., North Carolina

My son was listening and watching preschool prep Dvd collection straight out of the womb. When he was cranky his father and i knew how seriouse his crying was by his reactiiom to meet the color dvd. If it was seriouse not even color can calm him down. Atter that made it my mission to let his 1 hour throughout the day become all about the pre school basics. He is 21 months and recognises all colors numbers letters shapes, upper and lower case. He memorized all of his sight words and is constructing sentences with mommy.

Jessica T., Brooklyn, NY

I cannot say enough great things about your products. I started letting my son watch the colors, shapes, letters, letter sounds, and numbers when he was about 14 months old. By 18 months, he knew all of his letters, letter sounds, shapes, colors, numbers up to 20 actually, and about 30-40 sight words. At 20 months, he was reading the sight word books from your collection. He is now 32 months old and he is flying through the Stage 2 kindergarten level Bob books, as well as, sounding out huge words, such as "equipment"! It is unbelievable to watch him! My daughter is 16 months old, and already know several letters and letter sounds. I highly recommend these products!

K. Klein, Livermore, CA

I bought the 10 pack DVD from Groupon back in 2012 for my daughter. We went through all the DVDs, especially Sight Words. By age 2.5, she could read your Sight Words books. Her reading continued to improve. She just started kindergarten and was tested to be at a 4th grade reading level already. She just passed the AR test at school for Charlotte's Web- in kindergarten!! My youngest child just turned 2 and she already knows some Sight Words. Everyone is amazed at how smart my kids are and a lot of it is from watching Preschool Prep DVDs.

Kelly M., Crestview, FL

I started buying your products for my first born when she was just a few months old and have been growing my collection throughout the years. I am so grateful for them and love that you added the math facts. She is not 4 and has been reading since the age of three and is doing math already. She hasn't even started school. I have two more babies and so far this system has me 3 for 3. Even my youngest who just turned two knows all of her basics and even knows all of her letter sounds. She just turned two last month. I tell everyone about your products and even want to make a video for my youtube channel talking to everyone about it. It has been so great for my family and I and my girls are very entertained at they learn. They even request to watch it and are now requesting to watch their basics in spanish too. Thanks again for such great products.


I am impressed with this program! I started showing Letters, Numbers, Colors, and Shapes DVD's to my daughter when she was about 12 months old, and it took her no time, indeed, to learn the basics (without any time and effort on my part). I recommend and gift Preschool Prep DVD's to my family and friends.

Oksana, Georgia

My 3yr old Grandson, has gone through all of your products, and can read. It's amazing. He actually corrects my reading. I recommend your program to all my friends with kids or grandchildren.

— James D. P., Sacramento

Great products! Since my baby boy was13 months old he knew all his letters, shapes and numbers. It is amazing to see how he loves to watch and repeat all of the sounds. He is now 15 months old and we are working on the colors! I highly recommend all of the discs and books!!

— Juliana R., New Jersey

I love all of the dvds! We got one from the library when my eldest was 21/2. It was awesome and we were hooked. We bought them all and it was so easy to trasition my son to reading. My youngest learned even earlier because of watching with his brother. We loved when the math facts came out! They both can do all the math facts!! The teachers at school are amazed.

— Rebekah, Griffith, IN

My son Matthew is 6 years old in first grade and today he received the Top Cat reward because he is academically one of the top 4 in his class. My son reads at 3rd grade level, and very good in math. I owe it all to the preschool prep series. He started to watch the DVD's at just 7 months old! He knew all his phonics well before preschool and kindergarten. He developed a love of "learning time " at home, and continues to enjoy the accelerated readers program in school. Thank you for the videos, books and flashcards that truly were the foundation for his early learning. They were very effective for my son and it shows!

— Elizabeth R., Ranch Cucamonga, CA

I started my son on Meet the Letters at 9 months and my husband thought I had lost it. My son learned those letters by 11 months and when we would ask him to go get the foam letter we called out he crawled to the correct one and held it up. He had letter recognition before he could walk. Most of his first words were letters. We have video of this and of him finding letters on things like the tag on our area rug. Lol we started him on sight words at a year and a half and haven't looked back. We have almost all your videos and just got your easy reader books when he turned three and my husband and I were blown away at how well he reads them without help right away. You're company is amazing. I tell other moms all the time about it. Thank you so much for giving my son a love of letters and reading. Also we have video documentation of him recognizing letters and sight words and reading so easy for those who didn't believe us.

— Meredith E., Johnson City, TN

My daughter has been watching preschool prep since she was 4 months old. She is 17 months and knows a number of sight words.She has been able to count and anticipate numbers since she was 11 months old. She is able to identify upper and lowercase letters. She is able to identify shapes and numbers. I would and have recommended preschool prep co to my family and friends. I love that even at 17 months the Dvds still hold her interest. This has been a great way to have her fall in love with learning.

— Kilia A., Altamonte Springs, FL

I just want to say (again) that I started ordering the letters DVD's when my son was 1 year old. I've ordered all the sight word and phonic DVD's. My son started Kindergarten this month and he is one of the top readers in his class! I think these DVD's played a huge role in helping him with letter recognition and phonics! He knows how to sound words out. I tell everyone I know with little kids about these DVD's. Thank you for an awesome product!

— T.G.

I absolutely love the Preschool Prep series of DVDs. My son has been watching them since he was 9 months old. By the age of one he could recite the alphabet, numbers, colors and shapes. By two he was putting together words and letter sounds using alphabet puzzle pieces. He just turned three and is now reading using the Preschool Prep books (I recorded him I was so proud). I have told other moms about how great this company is and they have purchased as well. Thank you!

— Tanesha M-B., Ladson, SC

We had borrowed the collection of 10 videos from my sister and started watching them when my son was about 9 months old. We noticed he would start to say some of the words as we would watch the videos every night before bath time. My friends and church are so impressed with him knowing all of his letter, colors, shapes, numbers, and letter sounds. He knew them all well before he was 2!!!! I had a daughter shortly after my son was 16 mo old, we continued to watch the videos every night and she says a lot of the words, letters, and sounds of what we are watching! We love these videos and asked for the math facts for our kids for their birthdays. Excited to see how fast they learn their addition and subtraction! We tell all our friends about these videos and how much they work!! Thank you Preschool Prep Co!

— Scott and Erica from Illinois

My son knew all his shapes, colors, numbers, letters, and at least 15 sight words by 20 months just after a couple months of me letting him watch each DVD... Now that he is 2 years old he now counts to the number 20! And continues to learn more sight words. I absolutely love the pre school prep products!!! And the DVDs made it just that much easier for my son to continue to learn more. I just ordered the Spanish version! Toddlers are true sponges right now and at this age, it is the perfect time to take advantage of these DVDs as a learning tool.

— Stephanie

I purchased this program for my unborn child never thinking that she would grow out of by the age of 2! I started her watching the colors DVD around the age of 3 months. It seemed to calm her down on a regular basis. I would go through the flash cards with her regularly but not for long periods of time. Before she was 1 her first word was YELLOW! We read the books and used the flip books for identification. I then moved to numbers then letters. She is now 2 and can say and identify all her colors, numbers, letters and shapes. We have started the sight words DVDs and she has started to identify these words outside of the video context. This program is amazing. We are a working family so the time in the evening is precious and short! We use these tools as games in our everyday life and it works. My daughter has achieved so much in so little time. I would recommend this program to anyone with children. I am now purchasing the math portion because she can count to 20!

— Misty P., Pittsburgh PA

The best product I could ever purchase for my son!! My best friend told me about PreSchool Prep and made sure that I purchase the product. I can say that's the best thing I could have ever done for my son. My son knows all his color, shape, sound, and letters. Now we are working on sight word 3 because he already surpass sight word 1 and 2. My Prince can also read a full sentence.

I just order the sight word books and I can wait to start that with it. If you are thinking about buying this product, do it!!! You will not regret it!!!

— Rina

We bought your 10-DVD set when my son turned one and had to 'take it easy' after surgery. He loves these videos and asks to watch them every day. He quickly learned all the letters, numbers, colors, and shapes, so I started him on the sight words DVDs even though I thought he was a little young. After a week, he was saying the words before the video did! He's 23-months old now, and yesterday I showed him the sample sight words easy reader book, AND HE READ IT TO ME OUT LOUD!!! I am beyond amazed! Your products are incredible! My not even 2-year old is reading! That's crazy! Thank you!!!

— Sherri M., San Diego CA

We have been watching your videos since our little girl was 9 months old, now at 18 months she knows all of the letters, number, shapes, and most of the colors. She can say and identify all of them as well as puts the number and letters in proper order. We have just started the sight words videos and she is very interested. Thank you so much for such a fantastic product to help our little girl learn!

— Jessica C.

Dear friends I am writing to say that these videos are really amazing. I am from Uzbekistan and English is a foreign language in our country. And we have little opportunity to use our english as much as we want. When I got these videos, I started to show them to my half-year-old son. For a half and a year my son have been watching these videos and the results are amazing. He can call the letters and colors and numbers. Being an English teacher it gives me great proud and my relatives see the results they find my son as a wonderkid but I assure them it is just a perfect result of these videos. Thank you very much. I can guarantee that your videos have vital effect on kids who learn English as a foreign language

— Nodir in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

We've been using the Preschool Prep DVDs since my child was approx 6 months. He is now 21 months and knows all his letters, numbers, colors and we are working on shapes! My friends are amazed and some have purchased the DVDs. He doesn't like watching any other type of tv or shows, other then Preschool Prep!!! We will continue to buy the next set ! Thank You !!

— Nicole L.

I bought the complete "Meet the Sight Words" pack for my 3 year old on a whim through a third party site. I was skeptical, because other educational programs I had purchased would lose his attention within a few minutes. I was shocked to find that my son not only paid attention through these DVDs, but he asked to watch them over and over again. I reinforced the DVDs with the flash cards and books. Within about 2 weeks, he learned all the sight words (almost 50 words). He wasnable to read the accompanying books too. What surprised me even more was that he would recognize words in all different contexts, such as signs or in other books we would read. I was so impressed with this program that I purchased the entire phonics set. At first I was afraid that some of the concepts were too complex, but within a week he was already sounding out words and reading words including laugh, sleigh, ache and gnu. Now his teachers are pulling materials from two grades ahead to reinforce his advanced phonics and reading skills.

— Kate in Memphis, TN

My 17 month old daughter now recognizes all of her letters, upper and lower case, out of sequence and her numbers!! In less than a week she learned all of the sight words on dvds one and two. We plan to start sight word dvd 3 real soon! My friends and family are amazed. So am I.

— Yvonne M., Palatka, FL

This testimonial is LONG overdue! My daughter, Shaylah, started watching your Meet the Phonics videos at around 2...she was sounding out, spelling, & reading words by 3! Now she's 4 (May 20th was her birthday) & her latest BIG accomplishment was reading 200 BOOKS over summer (in just over 2 months)!!! We're so proud of her! :D People constantly ask me for advice bc of her reading skills, & I always recommend your products. I've had so many friends buy your videos that I joke I should be getting residuals! ;D You guys always have the best deals too. LOVE that your products are so effective & affordable! Thanks for making such a quality product & helping my daughter become the awesome reader she is today. My son will soon be next! ;D

— Danielle B., Maitland, Florida

I started my daughter on the Meet the letters when she was 14 months old she learned them in 2 weeks . She already knew how to count to 10 and the basic shapes so I didn't need to use them I got them but she just watched them for fun . She is 2 1/2 and she is reading the sight word easy reader books she can count to 40 . she knew 20 shape I started the letter sounds dvd and she has started to sound out each non sight word when she is reading .

— Viola in Phoenix, AZ

We currently own every item Preschool Prep has to offer... and there is a reason why. When our son was 6 weeks old, we occasionally would turn on the Meet the Numbers, Letters, etc. videos for 10-20 minutes per day and he really seemed to love them! Since then, he occasionally watches the videos when we are in the car running errands, or enjoying family time at home. He is now almost 2 years old and knows all of his shapes, colors & numbers in English AND Spanish and his letters in English as well as recognizes site words. This product is amazing! We also have 6 month old twins and they love the product also. Highly recommend!

— Bernadette P. in Newport

I can't say enough about Preschool Prep! I am a teacher and I recommend Preschool Prep to all families with preschoolers and early readers.

Before my daughter was 2 years old, she knew all of her colours, shapes, numbers, letters and sight words.

The DVDs have great captivating characters and the program is completely education focused. My daughter only needed to watch most of the DVDs a few times to learn from them. I love how Preschool Prep has sparked her interest in reading and learning.

She just turned two and we're just starting to work through the phonics DVDs now--We have so much fun finding familiar sight words in books and sounding out letters in words. I love this program!!

— Elina R., BC, Canada

Meet The Sight Words books - AWESOME!!! My son entered first grade struggling with reading. I have been using these books (everynight before bed) and have seen great progress. These books are right alined with the sight words he needs to know in school. I feel bad I did not start sooner but still feel thankful we have them now. I recommend these to anyone I know who has young kids!!! Truly great books.

— Jennifer in Red Hook, NY

I take care of my grandchildren M-F. Started my first grandchild on these DVD's at 18mths. She was reading at 3 1/2. There's no forcing them to sit and watch in my home. They learn even as they play!I've purchased the set for each of their homes. Today I'm getting a 4th,for my 9mth old grandson for Christmas. My DVD's have been played (and slobbered on,lol)so much over the last 3 years. Everyone has a favorite. What a wonderful find!

— Darlene in Virginia

My 6 year old started when he was about 8 or 9 months old. By the time he could talk, he could also read because of your products. He still enjoys them. His baby brother started watching at about the same time and starts school this year and can't wait. Thanks for the enjoyment they got out of your DVD's and the chance to see these kids light up with the thirst to learn more.

— Dianna A., Oklahoma

I am a SAHM [Stay At Home Mom]. I started my daughter with Meet the Letters DVD because it offered a Spanish translation. I really did know how valuable and impactful your product would be. She could identify her alphabet by 18 months. She is now 22 months old and recognizes her upper and lower case alphabets with the flash cards and it random books, numbers (6 and 9 still confuse her) and colors. I am really amazed at how much she has learned. She loves the intro to each DVD and gets exciting every times she hears it come on. She learned to identify her alphabet before she memorized the ABC song. I have recommended your products to all my friends along with the Board Books and flashcards. I can't thank you enough for developing such a great comprehensive system. Sincerely,

— Arnetra M., Atlanta, GA

I love all the DVD's. My 10 month old daughter is glued to the TV everytime I put letter,numbers, and shapes in. As a parent and educator, I highly recommend the entire series to parents of early letters. I use letter sounds,sights words 1,2,and 3 in my classroom when I teach reading and phonic. I noticed, how my students were eager to discuss what they had learned. Good Job!

— Lemisha S., Shreveport, Louisiana

I started my oldest child on these videos when he was 2 and he was reading by age 3. He is now 4 and can read level one readers! I am constantly amazed at how advanced his reading skills are. Even reading two and three syllable words. Amazing. My two year old learned the alphabet at 13 months, then learned the letter sounds by 20 months!It only took him two weeks to learn each. I guess I should start him sight words now!

— Brigitte P., Santa Fe, NM

Amazing! We started our son at 9 months, He is now 15 months. He has learned and can say his letters, numbers, shapes, colors and most of the site words. He spends about an hour a day in school. Some times it just plays in the background while he is busy doing something else but he seems to learn from just hearing it also. The apps are wonderful and the whole program holds his interest. My wife and I both wish our older children could of had this advantage. There are no words to explain the feeling of watching a 15 month old doing things some 5 year olds have not grasped. Thank you so much.. bmb

— Bruce B., Iowa

My son was introduced to Meet the Letters in his nursery school, when he was just a few months old. He took so well to the video, that we bought the 7 DVD pack. It was incredible how quickly he learned everything. He just began the Phonics learning videos and is even more enthralled than ever. He is now 22 months and read through the sample book on the first try. We will be buying the rest of the books. Thank you Preschool Prep!

—Kristina A., Texas

I started Preschool prep when my son was 10 months old. By the time he was 12.5 and 13 months old, he knew and could repeat the entire alphabet, numbers 1-10, all the colors and all the shapes. No one believed me and if I hadn't heard and seen it myself I wouldn't have believed it either. By the time he was 14 months old he had 40 of the 45 sight words memorized. He is now 16 months and has more than half the alphabet SOUNDS memorized. Preschool prep is amazing! I know he will be reading by the time he is two years old. I LOVE THIS PROGRAM!

— Natalie S. in Utah

My 4 month old baby loves to watch meet the colors. I play it for her every morning and she just watch issues very attentive. Thanks great videos

— Lilet L. in Hayward

I just watned to let your company know, that my 3 year old can read on a first to second grade level! He has been watching all of these videos since he was about 11 months old. He is so smart that people acutally thought he might have autisim! I totally know its because he loved and watched these videos and we have always worked with him because he loves to learn. My sister and my sister in law now have their young girls watching these videos becuase of how well my son can read! It works!


Preschool Prep Company learning DVD's are amazing. I have 3 year old twin boys who have been watching the DVD's since they were 2 1/2, and they know many sight words, can recognize the alphabet a-z, they have phonemic awareness and a true love of learning.

They especially love acting out what the words or letters are doing in the videos (K for karate, etc.) Words cannot express how satisfied and amazed I am at their focus on the videos and their comprehension. They have even started recognizing words in print, in books, signs and magazines. I am floored every time.

I also run an in home child care center for children ages 3-5, and have now incorporated the dvd's into our curriculum! It is a Must!!!!!

Thank You!

— Janis B.

I was really curious if these videos worked so I decided to give it a try. My 22 month old son learned all his letters between Thanksgiving and Christmas break. I couldn't believe it worked! We just started the shapes video and plan to cover all the DVDs. Thanks preschool prep! Awesome stuff!

— Julie, Sulphur, OK

This product is amazing! My two year old has learned the alphabet (upper and lower case), numbers, shapes, colours, and sight words all in the last month or two! We are going to move onto the phonics series this week. It has helped with his speech and annunciation profoundly, which is an added bonus for us since he has some speech problems. I would recommend this product to every parent with small children!

— Chelsie F., Canada

My girls LOVE preschool prep!! My four year old has "graduated" to the sight words DVD's and books. My 19 month old knows her colors, letters and numbers....and even some sight words!! It makes learning easy and fun!!

— Annmarie in New York

I bought the meet the sightwords 3 dvd pack for my son when he was around 18 mths.... he absolutely loves it...now he is three and about to start pre-k and he knows all the sightwords on these dvd's... I had him next to my 7 year old first grade nephew and he outshined him in calling out the sight words...he absolutely looooves his sightwords dvd and ask to watch them all the time "mommy, I want meet the sightwords he says"...lol...now I am going to get him that big work book... this product is amazing...

— S. Grant

My son and I LOVE your products! He learned his numbers and alphabet at 2 years old AND in about 2 weeks! He also learned the sight words in about the same amount of time! People are truly amazed with how much he knows at such a young age! THANKS PRESCHOOL PREP!!! :)

— Stephanee C., Norton Shores, MI

We love Preschool Prep dvds. My two boys ages 5 and 3 have been using the dvds and Ipad Apps for a couple years now. They have picked up on the sight words and my kindergartner now has been able to apply things from the phonics dvds in class that other kids have not grasped onto yet. Sometimes he will even know things that surprise us, we ask how he learned that and he would say from the "letter sounds" dvd. The dvds are fun and creative and kids dont even realize they are learning while watching it. The apps are great to since they can apply what they have learned. I started checking them out from the library and we bought all the sight words and phonics dvds and have loved them ever since. I love telling people how great they are. Thank you.

— April M., Oklahoma

I have so far purchased Meet the letters, numbers, shapes, colors, sightwords 1,2, and 3, Meet the Phonics letter sounds, diagraphs and blends, and The Sight words easy reader books. My 4 year old in about 4 months of me starting these excercises has learned to read. I just bought the easy reader books about 1 week ago I was inetending to use them for refresher with my oldest son and my 4 year old chimed right in and started reading. Great Products Preschool Prep Company.

— Kawana W., Hampton, Virginia

This is an amazing product. As a preschool teacher who just had parent conference yesterday, I recommended this website to all my parents. If my 2 yr. old son is able to do it, then their 4 year old child can as well. Thanks for this product!!!!

— Christina H., Torrance, CA

My daughter is 16 months old and knows all her numbers, letters, colors and shapes. I got these DVDs for her 1st birthday and she loves to watch them. They are an amazing learning tool and I truly believe every parent should know about Preschool Prep! Thank you!

— Erica G., Washington, DC

I brought the complete pack for my now 5 year old. My 2 year old grandson knows upper & lower case letters, shapes, colors, numbers. He is learning sight words, just from listening to the 5 year old use these DVDs. I use both the DVDs & the digital versions. The flashcard apps are on my phone. We have hard copies of the books, they enjoy both the digital & hard copy version. I TOTALLY love this product. It is so encouraging to see them both read & phonetically sound difficult words out. Best money ever spent.

— Lordora W.-R., South holland, il

I first heared about this product from my sister and i bought the all the dvds for my son and at 15months old he learn all his Letters and Number. 18 months he learn his shape and colors. Now he's two years old he masters all his sight word and sounds. This product is a miracle! I really recommend it to all mothers out there.

— Shiela C., Reno NV

Our 14 month old son now knows all his letters! We were given this DVD as a gift for our older son. When he watched it we were impressed what he learned by 18 months old. Our 14 month old son already recognizes all his letters, some numbers, and even a few sight words. Thank You!

— Courtney D.

My 5 year old knew his letters and there sounds, but could not read a single word in a book. We purchased your site words DVD's, books, flash cards and placemats. He loved watching them and was so excited everytime he learned a new word. In 7 weeks he knew all of the site words from all 3 DVD's. Thank you so much for your wonderful products. His kindergarden teacher in amazed at his progress, as so are we.

— Erin M.F.

I have a three yr old and a 14 month old, They both love your program! my daughter learned her colors in two days and my son knows all of his alphabet. Thank you for supplying parents with such a wonderful tool

— Ashley in Missouri

Thank you Preschool Prep Company! My 2-year-old son loved the Meet The Sight Words series. He now can easily read beginner books! At 28-months-old! It's absolutely amazing what your products can do. I'm recommending them to all of my friends.

Thanks again,

— Deborah E., Seattle, WA

My son has never been so excited to learn to read. The Meet the Sight Words DVDs are such a blessing! The DVDs are well done, eye-catching, and such a great way to teach children basic sight words. He has also enjoyed the Meet the Letter Sounds. I find him sounding out words all around the house. What a great product. I just bought some as a gift and for my brother, a HeadStart program teacher.

— Suzette, Florida

We bought the whole package and my 21 month baby girl can count to 10 say her ABC pick out shapes and can read a few small words. She started when she was just 6mons and watches for 1 hour each morning. This is a great package and I would tell anyone who wants their child to have a head start to buy this product.

— Ethan in El Paso

My 2-year old can read 47 words! She absolutely loves these videos!

— Jill in Milford, CT

I bought the first DVD package that has Letters, Shapes, Colors and Numbers when my son was about 18 months. At 20 months, my husband and I are very proud to say that our son knows his letters, shapes, colors and numbers. It has left us as well as our family and friends very impressed! He is always very eager to learn and loves these videos. I truly believe that these videos helped him learn all I have mentioned above in a fun way. We are now excited to start the second set of videos!!

— Ximena, Westchester NY

My almost 22-month old son knows all the letters (and can recite them in order), all the numbers (and can count to 10), shapes, colors, sight words from DVDs 1 and 2, and almost all of the sight words from the 3rd DVD. We are looking forward to receiving our phonics DVDs. These are great products. They are captivating, and he loves to watch them over and over. He loves to play the apps on the iPad and iPhone. Everyone who meets him is so impressed with everything he has learned. I tell everyone to go get these DVDs!

— Helen in Texas

My 2.5 year old twin boys not only love these DVD (all sets) but they prefer to watch them over cartoons on TV! They know and recognize their phonic blends and digraphs. They learned their shapes, numbers, colors and letters by the time they were 18 months thanks to this product. It is now my favorite gift to give a 1 year. I always tell the parents that they will thank me in 6 months! Thank you for your product.

— Angelica from Westchester, New York

I was skeptic to say the least when I researched this program,but my child was not challenged with the programs I had,so I ordered the entire 7 disc set. It was amazing,my boys are 2 and 1...my 2.5 year old knows every letter,number, shape, color, and sight word that he was exposed to..my 1.5 year old isnt far behind him. Thank you preschoolprepco!

—Brandi R., Beaumont, TX

I am so pleased with your "meet" dvds. It took two weeks for my son to learn all of his letters, he had barely turned two and I would walk with pride through the grocery store as my little guy would point and tell me the letters with excitement as he recognized them in various places I never thought to look for letters.

He learned his shapes, numbers and colours and now he knows most of the sight words and he is only two and a half. It is true, I would be surprised what my little one can learn.

I've stopped by your website once again to see what else we can learn. Thank you preschool prep!

— Laura W., Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada

My son was about 21 months old and he learned all the sight words on DVD 1 in about 3 weeks. He loves watching them and calls out for them by name. I look forward to getting the other sight words DVDs for him to enjoy and learn from.

— Scott S.

I am over the moon with excitement for this product. I have a 2 and 3 year old, and both of them are beyond their years academically, so I hoped this product would help and challenge them. I was shocked and amazed at how much my boys love watching these DVD's(they usually prefer these to Nemo and Cars) and how much they have learned. My, just turned two year old, already knew all the colors, shapes, numbers, letters, and the sounds that each letter makes so we by passed the letters, numbers, shapes, and colors DVD's. He can now identify nearly 30 sight words, amazing. My three year old enjoys these just as much. He insisted on making flash cards to "play" with, and just the other night I had him reading 75% of a couple Dr. Seuss books we own. To say I am impressed with this product is an understatement, I can only hope that Preschool Prep Company will come out with some new disks soon:)

— Amber G. in MN

I ordered the 7-DVD pack with the Letters, Numbers, Sight Words 1-3, Colors and Shapes for my 2 year old son. He knows and identifies all letters (uppercase and lowercase), numbers 1-10. He began doing this within the first 2 weeks that I started showing the DVD's to him. We began showing him the colors, shapes and sight words and he knows them all as well. I can't believe how well this program really works. I was a bit nervous but after reading a few reviews I decided to try it and I am SOOO glad that I did. I just recently ordered the phonics dvd's and the easy reader sight word books. I have downloaded the apps to my iPhone and he loves to play with them. I am so thrilled about this program and I have been telling anyone I know with children about it. I would love for you all to put out more number dvd's with higher counting but I just can't rave on enough with my extreme pleasure and satisfaction with this program. Thank You!

— Matia G.

I LOVE all of these products! I just wish I knew about them before as I didn't find them until my daughter was 2 years old. She caught on so quickly and just loves watching these videos. My daughter is 3 now and is actually reading books to her preschool class during their circle time. All the kids love listening to her read and are so interested in how she knows how to read. The teachers are amazed at how well she's able to read at her age and even sound out words that aren't sight words, thanks to the Letter Sounds DVD. Now, everywhere we go, she is reading signs to me or trying to sound out words on the signs in the stores. It's just amazing to me & I'm so proud of her!!

Preschool Prep... please keep making more sight word DVD's and/or counting videos (such as counting by 5's, 10's, 20's, etc.). These products are great and should be part of preschool's curriculum!

— Debbie T. from Elk Grove, CA

I bought the pkg, with the colors, shapes, numbers, and set 1,2 and 3 sight words for my great grandson who just turned 2. we had it several months before his birthday. They are amazing!! He counts and recognizes his numbers from 1-10 out of order and in order. He knows his colors and most of his shapes. He also knows and recognizes several sight words on his own once we write them on paper. I work in kindergarten and have students that can't do what my 2 yr old great grandson has learned from these cd's. It's truly amazing how he actually loves to sit and watch them. well worth the money.

— earlene s., manteo, nc

I ordered meet the sight words for my daughter. She not only recognizes all of the sight words after 3 weeks but she knows how to spell them as well. Keep up the good work!!!!!

— Shanika in Charlotte, NC

Let me say that we have purchased EVERYTHING! We started our now 3 year old son on YBCR and he zipped right through it..I found out about Preschool Prep when he was about 10 months old and by the time he was 1 or so he knew his alphabet,colors,shapes,numbers. I called every month to find out about when the sight words were coming out. We purchased them and within 2 weeks he knew all 3 videos. He also reads all levels of the Easy Reader books. We moved on to Digraphs and Blends and he zipped right through that also. Still waiting on the Phonics Easy readers to come out. My son currently reads on a 2nd grade level and he is 3 years old and is Homeschooled.

— Sha-Toina S., Atlanta, Georgia

My 2.5 year old (with a very short attn. span for anything on video or TV) is in love with the letters and numbers dvd. Prior to watching these he could count to 20 and say the alphabet but did not recognize letters or numerals. After about 2 weeks he recognizes all his numerals, all capital letters and 20/26 lowercase ones. He is now very excited to find and name letters all over the house, town, grocery store, everywhere. He LOVES making letters out of his blocks and is just overall, excited about "school" time with mommy.

—Kathryn in Riverside CA

We've used Meet the Numbers, Meet the Letters, Meet the Shapes, Meet the Colors and Meet the Sight Words (1, 2 and 3) with the 13 month I nanny for and she knows every single one! We started read the books with the shapes, colors, numbers and letters when she was 6 weeks old and started the DVDs when she was 5 months old. She knew all of them before she was 1 year old! And she has learned all 45 sight words in a matter of weeks. I am buying the materials for Meet the Phonics and Meet the Sight Words for my 3 year old nephews (they know their numbers, shapes and letters and some phonics).

—Liz, Downers Grove

My son who is now 3 years old knows all of his letters, shapes, colors, and numbers. He is also counting to 100. I love Preschool Prep.

He has been knowing his letters since before he could talk. He was a year and a half and could point to every letter I said. He LOVES to say all letters he sees.

He received meet the phonics blends for Christmas 2011 and it has helped him to speak so much better. He also received the other 2 phonics for his birthday in January 2012 and just loves them.

Thank you so much for helping my son love to learn..

— Amy in Lousiana

My 23 month old knows all the colors, his letters, and numbers. Not only does he know all of this in order but he is able to recognize them in flash format. I believe he is able to do this because of Preschool Prep: Meet the Series. My son asks specifically to watch "Colors, Letters, Numbers" over other DVD's. This is a great way for infant/toddlers to learn.

— Miki in Louisiana

great product I love all your dvds my kids have learned so much and they enjoy the videos we have all the sight words dvds and my kids are so advanced in sight words because of this company we are now working on meet the phonics blends and diagraphs and they are learning them quickly and recognizing them in their reading we love you preschool prep!

— Amy D.

I'm amazed my son learned his abc, numbers shapes, colors & sight words from your dvd. When people hear him read people were amazed too. Now I'm planning to buy him the phonics dvd I will use the same dvd's for his baby sister. Thanks to preschool prepco it was a great help for me because I'm a very busy mom...I always recommend them to my friends....My relatives in Hawaii bought the dvd right away whwn they saw my son's dvd because they were amaze that my son knows the abc & numbers early.....


great products, my 2 years boy knows all the alphabets, numbers, shapes , colors and even sight words!!! love it

— hala m.

I can't say enough wonderful things about these videos and books. My oldest son (age 5)was able to learn to read by watching the Sight Word videos and then reading his Sight Words 1, 2, and 3 books. I am working with my younger son (4)on the Sight Words now. We have been working about a month or so and he can already identify 12 of the 16 first words.

I tell all my friends about these videos and books. This program has been a fun and easy approach to teaching my boys sight words. Thanks Preschool Prep!!!!

— Tabatha W., Barboursville, WV

We purchased a set when my daughter was 18 months with meet the letters, numbers, colors, shapes, and all the sight word DVDs. Now at 22 months, she knows all of her letters, numbers, colors, shapes and about 90% of her sight words and gets better by the day! She requests these daily and really enjoys the characters. I knew these videos were the real deal when she was calling out letters when we were driving down the shape, or saying "octagon" when were were at a stop sign! Thanks for a great product!

— Tia in Portland

I have purchased many programs for my grandson. He is now 17 months and has been reading the sight words for 6 weeks. He also knows the letters, numbers, shapes and colors. Your program is by far the best. He did not say a thing until he started reading the sight word flash cards for us. Before that he only said 2 words at 15 months. THIS IS THE PROGRAM I TELL ALL OF MY FRIENDS ABOUT. Plus, they ask after they see the little guy reading the sight words and all of the other books that come with your program.

— Terri C., Greenwood, IN

At 18 months my son knows all his colors, all the alphabet and all the site words (part 2). Family members were all surprised that he is still baby but when you write out a word on a piece of paper he can tell you what it is. I highly recommend to everyone. I've been showing my son these videos since 6 months old. We started with the colors.

— Mary in San Antonio, Texas

My 2 1/2 year old daughter loves Meet the Letters, Numbers, Shapes, and Colors. Her favorite is the Shapes. I recently bought her the Phonics Letter sounds and a replacement Shapes DVD. I had a problem with the Shapes DVD and when I called customer service, I got a quick friendly reply and was sent a new DVD immediately. I would highly recommend these products to any parents of young children. And the company receives an A+ rating from me for fantastic customer service! Thank you for offering great products and giving great customer support!

— Melissa O. in Boaz, AL

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! Thanks to the wonderful DVDs and books on the sight words, my oldest was able to read before he turned 4! Yes, 4. We used both to help our son learn to read at a very early age. With your products, and his practice, he became the only child who could read in his entire K5 class! There are 25 kids in his class and he is the only one who can read, and read well. His teacher, and other teachers as well, were so impressed when he would read books to them. Now we are using the DVDs and books to help our 2 and 3 year olds learn to read and recognize the sight words. Thank you so much Preschool Prep, you are amazing! We are forever grateful.

— Jackie P., Dumfries, VA

I was a little skeptical, however my friend encouraged me to try it for my son. I began with letters when my son turned a year. By the time he was 15months old, he was able to recite the entire alphabet! By 17 months he could recite numbers 1-10 and say all his colors! This is the smartest investment for your child. You really have to try it!

— Katrina in Whitestone, NY

My son is 25 months old and knows his alphabet, numbers, colors, and shapes!! People are so surprised when a 2 year old tells them that shape is an octagon! These DVDS and books have been great for my son! They are so simple and yet so effective! I am so happy I found out about these.

— Nicole D., Hebron, IN

My 4 1/2 year old son loves the Meet the Sight Words videos. He watches one of the videos just about every day and has all of the sight words memorized. His preschool is also working on sight words and the teachers comment on how he knows them even before they discuss them in class. I've been so pleased with these videos that I purchased the Phonics series hoping they are just as entertaining for my son.

The Meet the Sight Words videos are have impressed me beyond words. Thanks!

— Jennifer M in Knoxville, TN

Our barely 2 and a half year old girl has been watching the meet the sight words. We tried the system with our 5 year old but may have have started too late and he may have though it was too "babyish". He is a big Kindergartner now so he is Mr. Macho :). We put the DVD on in the car for her because she seemed to like the pictures.

The other day we decided to start teaching her a word or 2. To our amazement, she knew about 90% of the flashcards (cartoon side of course).

We haven't pushed the system at all and she was just kind of watching them in the car because she was out of other DVDs to watch and just by doing that she can READ!.

— Keith R., Powell, Ohio
Meet the Letters, Shapes, Numbers and Colors are a great product. My baby has speech delay and I got these DVDs. She learned the alphabet, numbers, shapes and numbers in very short time, before she reached her second birthday. I'm so glad I got them and I do recommend them.
— Ada M., Wesley Chapel, FL
My two year old loves this video [Meet the Letters]. He only knew a few of his letters when we started this video this summer. By the end of a couple of weeks, he was recognizing all of his letters upper and lower case. We have since pruchased more from this series and are moving on to words now. Awesome series!
— Kendra J., Texas
My son LOVES his videos. He knew his shapes by 15 months old, numbers 1-10 by 16 months old, and now at 18 months old he knows all the letters (upper and lower) and can sing the alphabet song with very little help! I was amazed at how much my son learned at such a young age. Family, friends and even strangers in the grocery store are shocked that he knows all that he does. Now, I'm going to move on to phonics and sight words... why not? Thanks for a great product!
— Carmen V., North Carolina
My 24 month old has watched these vidoes a handful of times now. In particular, "Meet the Letters" and "Meet the Sight Words 1". He knows and says all the letters in the alphabet and can point them out anywhere he sees them! I am astonished that he has memorized and recognizes all the sight words from the video. This product is unbelievable. My son, who did not talk a whole lot now speaks clearly and is so excited to keep learning. Thank you for the help!!!
— Michelle R in Regina
At 17 months my son knew all of his letters: capital and lowercase. He also knew his numbers, colors and shapes! Begin recognizing words right before he turned 2 and impresses anyone he meets. It only took him watching these DVDs while in the car!
— April in Georgia
MY 2 year old learned all her letters in a 2 months! She even knows them out of order when I use flash cards with her or point to letters in books, magazines, etc. I highly recommend the 7 pack DVD! We are now going to purchase the phonics dvd :)
— Carmen C. in Florida
My 21 month old can recognize all her letters without being in order now too. She loves to learn and is always pointing out letters everywhere we go. I am so impressed with how fast she learned her alphabet form this video.
— Lauren S. from Timonium Maryland
I've used the meet the 'Numbers', 'Letters', 'Shapes' and 'Colors' with several toddler aged children in my home. We do foster care so we always have several toddlers in our home. When our daughter was 16 months old she could name all of her letters!! People didn't believe me until I showed them!
— Katrina L.
My three year old son has been watching the meet the sight words DVD's and really enjoys them. The DVD's are absolutely wonderful! I've had a difficult time trying to get him to go over words with me and learn how to read, after learning his alphabet, but your series keeps him entertained and interested. I was amazed when I brought home the DVD and heard my son say the words along with the video. Thank you for being so creative and actually making something that my son will watch and looks forward to! I recently discovered you also have meet the blends and I am looking forward to watching those with my son as well.
— Christina S.
I started using these videos for my twins at 3 months of age. They are now 26 months old and can READ!! They know their alphabet like the back of their hand. I tell everyone this is where to start. I can't wait for more sight word and higher number videos to come out. PLEASE preschoolprep, we love them so much!!!
— Laurie in Florida
I bought my son the entire series at the age of 9 months. I intially introduced the letters, numbers, shapes and colors and at the age of about 15 months introduced the sight word series. Now at the age of 20 months my son Myles knows all of his colors and shapes and can idenitfy all of his numbers and letters and knows most of his sight words. I am very impressed with the entire series....
— Kisha T. in Gainesville, VA
Thank you very much for these wonderfil dvd's. My 2 year old has mastered almost all of the dvd's. Hes on the Diagraphs dvd's now.
— Lisa in So. Cal
I am a huge believer in your programs! My son learned his alphabet, shapes, colors and numbers before he was two years old and now at age three has learned sight words and is beginning to read! These videos, books and flash cards make learning time fun and enjoyable for both the parent and the child. And now that I have a baby girl and run a family child care business, I know we will be using these programs again and again. I recommend them to every parent I know!
— K. Lee in Arizona
No one can believe how much my 2 year old son knows! Both he and my daughter have watched these dvd's from a young age, and they both know all letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and most site words! I would love to take more credit for it, but they love watching the dvds and honestly learned so much from them!
— Jeannie in Gainesville, VA
....You have hit another home run with the blend and diagraph DVD's. Received them yesterday and my grandson danced all over the den when he saw the package. He has been using your products since he was 8 months old and in combination with Preschool Prep and LeapFrog products, he is almost 3 and is reading kindergarten level books. Most amazing to me, retired kindergarten teacher, he reads in chunks instead of word for word and reads with lots of expression. More importantly he LOVES to read. I truly wish you could hear him read. I am thrilled with what he has learned and that he has learned it through a format that is developmentally appropriate. I can't wait to receive the Letter Sounds even though Jackson already knows his sounds. There is no doubt he will love it. I recommend your product to everyone and would not begin to count how many DVD's I've sold for ya'll. Thank you for giving our children such a quality product.
— Trish D.
I started showing this video to my only one child when he was 8months, then when he started talking I was shocked when he was singing the letters ABC's and counting numbers from 1-5.. Then after his first birthday, he was totally got it all..the letter, numbers, shapes and colors.I am very happy! Then I purchase the meet the sight words when he was 13 month old and from that day on, he sounds like a big kid saying the word like by then he will say bye bye boat which sounds the same:-)..love the dvd's very much!!
— Ellen in Nelsonville, Ohio
My husband and I purchased the Meet the letters, shapes, colors, and numbers dvd series in March and our two year old daughter knew all of her alphabets by the third week of watching the dvds. I must admit, I was a little skeptical as to if my children would learn from the dvd and I quickly discovered that they not only learned and mastered the materials on all the dvds, but they have also retained the information. I also realized that my 3 year old son not only could recognize his alphabet, numbers, shapes, and colors, but he could also sing all the songs that were used to help illustrate each fundamental.
— Tamiko in MS
My Daughter is 22months old. We started the meet the letter's, color's, shapes, and numbers when she was 16 months old. She know's Every DVD she reconizes everything she learned from the series everywhere we go. She wakes up counting or saying her ABC's I recommend this product to everyone I know and meet. We are now moving on to the sight words.
— Jody in South Jersey
Our daughter has went through the entire sight words series in less than a year and is currently reading at the 1st grade level. She just turned four years old. The parents at her preschool (Goddard) were so amazed that we could not supply them with the contact information fast enough. Keep up the great work!!
— Kelvin and Tamara R. in Fishers Indiana
We have been watching all of the 'meet the' dvds for the last two years. My daughter was very interested in letters from an early age and eagerly took to meet the site words. By 2 1/2 she knew the dvds by heart, by 3 she could find the words while we were out (on signs, etc), and now at 4 she's able to breeze through the words in books she's trying to read. We're so excited to get started on the meet the phonics dvds to help her along even more. In addition, I wanted to commend preschool prep on their customer service. Recently I placed an order for new dvds and when the order arrived it was missing two of the dvds purchased. I had purchased these at a specific time so that we would have them to take on our week long vacation. After a quick call to preschool prep they not only handled my issue with no hassles at all, but even expedited the shipping free so I would have them for the trip. I am thrilled to find a company that still cares about their customers and I will remain a loyal one for years to come - my baby is only 11 months, so there is lots more learning in her future!
— Kathy in PA
I just want to complement your team on the amazing DVD ultimate pre school prep & sight word pkg program. I purchased this for Jett for his 1st birthday and he is 15 month old now and doesn't talk yet but knows all his colors, shapes, numbers and letters. The kids found him pointing at the prices at the store and they said Jett show us number 2 and he did so they took him home and went through the books and he pointed at everything correct. I have told a friend about your DVD's and they have requested the information. Keep up the great work. I guess after Jett know's his sight words I will get him the phonics dvd's.
— Bonnie F.
My son started watching meet the letters and reading the meet the letters flap book at 20 months old. Within one month, he could recognize ALL upper and lowercase letters. So now we are watching meet the sight words. Currently at 24 months old, he knows over 30 sight words! I give all of the credit to Preschool Prep Co for his love for letters, words, and wanting to learn more! I truly am amazed at what my little has learned!
— Nicole M. in Pensacola, FL
I love your movies and books! I am 4 years old (Mommy is typing this!) and learned all of my letters, numbers, shapes, and colors at 18 months old! I also learned my sight words using your videos and books. My Mama tells everybody about your products, and has given many of my friends PreschoolPrep movies and videos for their birthdays! I can't wait to get your new videos. My Mama and I just saw them on your website. Our store does not have them yet, but we will keep looking. Thank you,
— Grayson B., Age 4
I really have to say these dvds are amazing. By 16 months my son was saying 'octagon' and by 18 months, my son can say every letter of the alphabet (he practices every opportunity when we are out), all of the numbers from1-10, and his colours and shapes. People ask me the whole time how he learnt this. So thank you for these amazing results :)
— Caroline
Your videos are the best. My 16 month old daughter loves them and learned her letters and numbers within a couple weeks of watching them. She is now 2 and loves pointing out her letters and numbers. Her teachers are amazed.
— Kim in Houston, TX
No joke.These work!! My two yr old knows her colors,shapes,letters,numbers and most of her sight words. Her favorite shape is octogon. She loves saying it every time she sees a stop sign. Worth every penny.
— Rachael in Oklahoma
My son is 2 1/2 and we just got the sight words dvds. After one or two weeks of watching each dvd he knows all the sight words. He asks to watch them and I'm sad you don't have anymore sight word dvds for him to learn from. It's so exciting to watch him point out words on objects that it makes me want to continue his learning. He can learn so much more by the time he goes to school. We're having a FUN time learning together and I THANK YOU for the experience he and i are sharing. I just finished ordering some of your new phonics dvds but would like to see more sight word dvds. I hope to get an email soon saying you guys have 3 new sight word dvds available!
— Magan M.
My Daughter LOVES the series, she has been watching these since she was 16 months old she is now 21 months old and she knows the alphabet, Numbers, shapes, and she is still getting to know her colors. I am purchasing the words next. I recommend this product to all my friends.
— Jody J. in Clementon, NJ
My 3 year old LOVES the Preschool Prep series, especially 'Meet the Sight Words'. After viewing the program 3 or 4 times, she now recognizes the words in newspapers, magazines, her cereal box....JUST ABOUT ANYWHERE! She is so excited and proud to 'read.'
— Ann in New York, NY
I just want to say how impressed I am with all the Preschool Prep DVDs. My son won't be 2 until next month but he already knows all his letters, colors, and numbers thanks to your exciting and amazing DVDs. He never gets tired of watching them and all my family are amazed at how much he knows at such an early age. Thanks for such awesome products!
— Catrisha in Crofton, MD
I originally bought one DVD at a Baby's 'R' Us years ago and began showing it to my 1 yr old. Then I encountered the entire 7 DVD's at COSTCO and bought it immediately because we were so pleased with the quality and results. As a new homeschooling mother of 3 and a service member & spouse of a service member I find this material to be phenomenal. I just downloaded the free vowels app on my iPad the other day and the girls love it (4.5 yrs and 2 yrs). My little 4 mo. old boy loves to watch these videos with his sisters. Even though both my girls already know the letters, numbers, shapes, and colors they still enjoying watching them almost daily. What an awesome tool. In addition, we have been able to use whereever the military takes us by bringing our laptop. They should use this material in all the preschools and CDC's. Thanks for all the great stuff your company has created and keep it rolling.
— Jennifer D., US Army & US Air Force (Stateside)
I have the 7 pack of DVDs. I bought them a few months ago. I have a 2 year old son and a three year old daughter. They LOVE watching the DVDs. To be honest, I don't mind if they watch them for a good part of the day either. My daughter knows close to all of the sight words, 1,2, and 3. My two year old son knows his shapes and most of his colors. It's amazing that they want to watch the DVDs instead of television cartoons! Thanks!
— Nicole R.
My son is 4 years old and knows all the word in the Meet the Site Word Series. He also has a set of the books and reads those as well. This is a wonderful product to use. I started using them when he was 3 1/2 and it has worked wonders.
— Jewel E. in Columbus, MS
Our son, Kruz, was only 16 months old when we pulled out the flashcards for WORDS and he knew virtually all the words. We were extremely shocked and so was everyone else who witnessed him read the words. He also knew all his colors, letter, and numbers by 16 months but for us to hold up a word and him know it was amazing!! We have recommended this site to many!! All of this was due to him watching the dvds.
— Denise K. in White City, SK Canada
I wanted to thank you for putting together such a fantastic product. I purchased Meet the Sight Words DVDs 1,2,3, the related sight words flashcards, and the Meet the Sight Words easy reader books, levels 1,2, and 3. I bought them with my 4 year old in mind but was very happy to discover my 2 year old learning to read as well. My 2 year old will read the books. It is amazing! They both LOVE the DVDs and beg me to watch them. They LOVE the books and LOVE playing with the flashcards. I want more!! I'd love if you put out Meet the Sight Words 4,5, and 6. We'd buy them!
— Jill C. in Denham Springs, LA
I started my twin girls on this series at 10 months...They are now 19 months and know the entire alphabet and the sound each letter makes. They know every shape, color, can say and recognize all 45 sight words and can read basic sentences. It's a must. I'm a teacher of 16 years and can say this program really works! I work very hard with my girls and it has paid off!
—Jennifer M. in Illinois
We bought the 7 DVD pack when my oldest son was about 6 months. I started having him watch one each night before bed when he was 14 months. We watched one DVD (meet the colors, letters, numbers or shapes) for about a week and then switched. In just a couple of weeks he was able to point to the correct letter, number, shape or color when asked. Once he started to talk he said letters first and everything else trickled in. He can now say everything he has learned in these videos. When we are out and about he points to and says colors, shapes, letters and numbers the entire time. He counts constantly! He is currently 21 months. These DVDs do just what they say they do! Don't pass these up!
—Julie R. in Las Vegas, NV
My 17 month old son learned to read all the letters (upper/lower case) in just 2 weeks. Same thing with the shapes and colors. Amazing product. Highly recommended!!!
—Del in Florida
My son just turned two and already knows his shapes, letters, numbers, and colors thanks to your videos. He loves to watch and I love that he is learning. We will be starting him on the sight words soon.Thanks so much for your wonderful products!
—Joni P. in Plainfield, IL
Re: Meet the Sight Words DVDs & Easy Reader Books One word: AMAZING!!!! I purchased the three disk DVD set as well as the easy reader books to start my three year old with reading. I purchased the DVD in September of 2010. I am pleased to tell you that it is now October 2010 and she has learned all the words from the three DVDs. Not only has she learned all of the words presented in the DVDs, she is READING the books as well. My daughter loves the characters and the animated stories. Thank you for making learning fun for her. She requests to see the DVDs everyday. This is an incredible product!! When I took her to her daycare and showed them how well your product worked, they ordered it as well. Again, thank you for making an incredible product. I only wish you would come out with some additional DVDs teaching more sight words.
—Gail S. in Pompano Beach, Florida
In March 2010 I purchased the complete PreSchool Prep package. At the time my son was 2 1/2 (29 months) and knew a some of his letters, numbers, and colors but I wanted to add more to his knowledge base. Honestly, I was skeptical about the claims that my child learned his numbers in 2 days claims but I guess the next skeptic will say that about me. My son learned his colors in one weekend. His numbers the next. I put in the shapes a few weeks later when I had the flu and did have the energy to sit and watch with him. I realized a few days later that he knew his shapes when he was at school point to a picture and yelling oval! His teacher and I were speechless because the 3 and 4 year old kids had not learned oval and here he was at 2 recognizing the shape. I love the design of the product using characters to teach the concept. For days after watching Meet the Colors I went to work singing Y-ee-low. Thank goodness not during a meeting. My son is now 3 and he knows all of the concepts in the Preschool Prep curriculum but we still do refreshers on each DVD. I have shared this sight and our DVDs and coloring books with my friends because I believe in this so much. Thank you so much and we are anxiously awaiting the release of more products from you.
—Zenzi in the US Virgin Islands
We are huge fans of Preschool Prep videos. My son has learned his numbers, the entire alphabet, colors and some of the shapes. He's not even two yet! We have recommended the series to all of our friends! We are so proud of our son!
—Tonya in Birmingham, AL
My twin daughters started watching Meet the colors, number, and shapes at 4 months old. They were able to identify all the colors, shapes and numbers by 15 months old. When they were 18 months old they started watching Meet the letters. They were able to identify and name all the letters within one month. Thank you Preschool Prep! I can't wait to start Meet the Sight Words!
—April E. in Texas
Preschool Prep Co. dvds are AMAZING! My daughter started watching them at 17 months and already knows all of her colors,shapes, and numbers! I highly recommend these to anybody with children!
—Kim N. in Okinawa, Japan
My son is 2 he loves the series. His daycare provider started him on this and he knows all of them. He knows his letters,numbers,shapes,colors and sight words. This is an excellent program for developing minds!!!
—Andrea in Hampton, GA
We bought the DVD pack of all the videos when my son was 8 months old and have watched them leisurely. He now knows most of the alphabet, colors and shapes. He can also recite out loud, all of the sight words on all three DVD's..he is only 13 months old! We also bought the pack of all the books for his birthday and he can't get enough Preschool Prep Co. We absolutely love all of the products and can't wait for more DVD's! Thank You!
—Melissa M. in San Ramon, CA
We have meet the sight words 1 & 2, and I just order # 3. My 5 year old learned these sight words after watching the DVDs just a few times. Now after starting school this fall she is way a head of her kindergarten classmates! Better yet my 3 year old has also learned them too!
—Heidi in Princeton, MN
I purchased the entire set a few months back for my grandchildren. The 6 and 4 year old went through the first topics as a review and are now working on the sight words. I am most amazed about the progress my littlest grandson has made. At 18 months old he knows all his colors, shapes, letters and number to ten. He barely talks but he can identify all these things in real life situations. I have recommended this program to everyone I know with babies and grandchildren.
—Nancy K. in Dayton, Ohio
My 19 month old daughter learned her colors and letters within 1 month of watching the DVD's she especially enjoys the colors. She ask for it every day. I tried the more expensive learning DVD's and she only picked up a few things. I was truly amazed how fast she picked up her letters and colors. Next we are going to introduce the shapes and numbers. Thank you for developing a fantastick product.
—Michelle B. in Long Branch, NJ
My daughter watches the videos almost everyday. I sit her in her highchair or walker to watch the videos. At the age of seven months she was able to identify the letters and numbers in english and spanish. I love this program and have recommended it to other parents.
—Deserie F. in Covina, CA
I must say these dvd are awesome.... I first came across them in a book store and decided to get the ABC and Numbers for my son who was 8 months...before he was a 1 year he had already had both the dvds memorized so I went to get more, everyone kept asking me how he could know every letter and number and wasn't 1 yet... by 15 months he has all the dvds memorize and you can't pass a number, letter, colour, shape or sight words with out him shoutin it out.....I also spread the word to parents who often ask how did I get him to know his ABC, Colours etc and dont know about your product but they do now!....please keep the dvds coming looking for more numbers 1-50 or 100, maths, phonics etc....this is a very amazing product!!!! And I love them.....
—Melissa. C. in Barbados
All your products are amazing! I bought most of it - all your dvd's, board books, coloring books and the Level 1-3 of Easy Reader Sight Word Books that just came out lately. My daughter knows her upper and lower keys, numbers, shapes, and colors at age 15-16 months old. She mastered her Sight Words 1,2,3 at age 20 months and started reading pre-K books at 22 months. She just finish her Easy Reader Books Level 1 & 2 and she is now on Level 3 at 28 months old (2 yrs, 4 mo old). Everyday, it amazes me on how fast she pick up and learn from all your products. Thank you Preschool Prep Company for making learning fun and interesting. Really G-R-E-A-T-products!
—Irene F. in Mountain House, CA
My son just turned 2. He recognizes all of his colors, shapes, numbers, letters (upper and lowercase) and he now recognizes about 20 sight words or more! He sees the similarities in words such as- He saw the word bike and said it was like. I am so very happy with your product and wish you had dvds for further learning. It would be great to have more numbers and more words! Thank you so much!~ A very satisfied mommy!
—Jessica in New York
Your videos are truly amazing! My son is 18 months old and started watching them around 15 months old. He learned all of the letters after 2 weeks of watching. In the last 3 months he has learned all of his letters, numbers 1-10, shapes, colors, and sight words from meet the sight words 1. He loves to watch all of the videos and asks for them daily! These videos should be in every household of children between the ages of 9months and 5 years old!
—Tinita S. from Columbus, Ohio
Awesome videos! My 2 year old can spot all the letters in the alphabet in random order along with the sounds as well as color and shape recognition. Great products!
—Joey G. from Dublin,CA
Both of my sons have enjoyed the entire Preschool Prep Co. Series. At the age of three, my son learned all of the sight words taught in the DVD's. We recently bought the Sight Words Easy Readers and he went through all three levels within two weeks reading aloud all by himself. These readers have become a bedtime favorite. Also, my two-year-old son had learned the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and colors within a month of watching the DVD's. He also loves the IPod apps that go along with this series. We recently started him on the sight words and he now recognizes more than half of the ones taught on the DVD's as we have reinforced his learning with the sight words flashcards. These products truly work and are the best on the market. I would love tosee more sight words videos, books, and IPod apps. Thank you for the wonderful learning tools.
—Q.T. in Georgia
I purchased Meet the Sight Words DVD at a warehouse store, I had never heard of Preshool Prep, but after reading the accreditations and reviews on the DVD I decided to purchase disc 1 and 2 for my 5, 4, and 2 year old. My 5 year old son could already read, distingish letters, colors and shapes, but my 4 year old was taken her time until she encountered Meet the Sight words, now she is recognizing the words and articulating them with precision, and so is her little 2 year old sister. I am so grateful for this tool it works if parent's invest and use the tools to help reiterate what they have been teaching their children---perfect 10!! A must have for quick acceleration in vocabulary. Thank you and continue to produce these fabulous educational resources.
—Shandell W. in South Carolina
My son is 23 months olds and can read sight words. People are amazed when they see it, but of course they don't believe me until they see him read they words I print on a piece of paper.
—Danielle H. in Windsor,Ontario
I stumbled across your 'Meet the Sight Words' #1 and 2 one day at Sam's Club. I happened to pick them up and said to myself, 'I'll give this a try with my 3 year old. To my amazment, He learned almost ALL of the sight words on the first DVD in just one week!! I was amazed! The best part about it was the fact that he WANTED to watch these words in action! So, we went through one mini lesson each day and reviewed periodically. This is a wonderful way to get the children learining how to read. I think you should come up with more DVDs that teach children more high frequency word that would have the children reading at third grade level. This would be a break-through!!! I know you can do this. I would buy all of your DVDs.
—Tammy B. in Yuma, Arizona
My son began watching this entire series when he was about 2 years old. By two and a half, he was full-out reading. It took only six months for him to go from A B C D... to picking out books at the library! He is now reading Stage 3 reader books (very difficult books) at age 3. I have no doubt that this series gave him the confidence to recognize the difficult words and rapidly build from there. At preschool, he reads books out loud to his teacher...not the other way around!! This series is so great that he still loves to watch Meet the Letters, Meet the Numbers, and the Sightwords videos. I am a firm believer in these videos and buy them for birthdays and holidays for my friends' toddlers, too.
—Melissa P. in St. Louis, Missouri
I ordered the sight words pack for my daughter who had been struggling for weeks to learn just 5 sight words. A week, just one week after Meet the Sight Words arrived, she now knows 30 sight words! I am so pleased with her success and progress that I just ordered the preschool 4 DVD box set/Meet the Letters flash cards and tell everyone with a youngster about these amazing products. She is now prepared for kindergarten and wouldn't be with out Preschool Prep. Thank you Preschool Prep!
—Mandy M. in Reno, Nevada
Love the letter cards! My 3 year old easily learned all of her letters in a month. We then started working with letter sounds from the same cards. She learned letter sounds in a month as well. Love the sight word cards! My 3 year old daughter learned her sight words in a couple of months. Can't wait to get the sight word easy readers.
—Miranda in Alabama
THANK YOU! Our son Julien is 30mths old and can READ! He has used 'Meet the sight words 1-3' and 'Meet the numbers' for a mere 3 mths and has mastered it. We love showing our son's skills off every chance we get; dr appointments, in the store, where ever else we can and people are AMAZED! We can not thank you enough for developing this gift, the world needs more of it!
—Roxanne & Cesar in Bowling Green, Florida
I just wanted to tell you just how thankful I am for your product. I have two children, 2 and 4 years old, and your videos have been so very helpful. We were a little concerned when our son turned two and wasnt really talking much, until he watched these videos that is. He learned his colors in two days! My husband was amazed! He now knows all of his colors, shapes, number and letters, upper and lower case. He also can recognize and say all of the sight words. He is only two! Our four year old doesnt even know all of them yet. We are very impressed with your product. I originally ordered the dvd pack, but since they were so successful, I ordered a workbook, coloring book and flash cards! Thank you so much for such an enjoyable product. I recommend these to anyone that will listen. The daycare my two year old goes to cannot believe how smart he is. I have a very large extended family and they all plan on purchasing your product. Thank you again!
—Jessica, satisfied mother of two
I bought the Meet the Sight Word series when my daughter was 22 months old. She loves watching the videos and asks for them every day. Within 3 months she learned to read all 45 words. She already knew how to read many nouns, however Meet the Sight Words helped bridge the gap she needed to read first grade level books. She is 28 months old. I'm also a kindergarten teacher and have used these DVDs with my students. My students really enjoy them and have learned from them as well. I have recommended these DVDs to many of my friends, family, students' parents, and co-workers.
—Mom and kindergarten teacher in Diamond Bar, CA
These DVD's are amazing!! I received the set from a friend who is a teacher as a baby gift. I started with my son when he was 3 months old he just turned 2 and knows from A to Z, all shapes, colors and can count to 20. He can identify Sight Words 1 and 2 and half of Sights Words 3 DVD. I Love this program and would recommend it to everyone I know.
—Meagan in North Carolina
I was a bit skeptical when I first showed Whit this video - I just thought it would be great to keep his attention. However, after about a week of watching this video he knew at least a third of the letters and would ask for the ABCs as soon as he woke up. I never knew my 22 month old would know letters before he turned 2! I am going to purchase the other videos as well. Thank you!
—Jennie in Memphis
We absolutely LOVE these dvds! We own all of the dvds, a coloring book, workbook and flashcards! My two year old absolutely loves them. He already can recognize and say all of the site words, along with the letters, upper and lower case, shapes, colors, numbers! He knows them all! He went from barely speaking to speaking clear sentences thanks to your product. He has to help our four year old with sight words! Simply amazing. Highly recommend these to anyone with children 1 year or older! I have recommended them to so many people already! If i could sell them, I would never have to work again! Thank you so much!
—Jessica L. in Ohio
I borrowed Meet the Sight Words from our local library. It was intended to help my daughter prepare for Kindergarten. My almost two year old son who never seemed interested in anything on television became so interested. He started watching it with her and now will not watch anything else. My daughter knows all the words and my son has learned almost more than half of them.
—Myrna in California
Thank you so much for all of your great products. When my son turned 2 I bought the 7 pack DVD set. I am amazed at how much he has learned. He knows his colors, shapes, numbers and letters. He just turned 3 and we are working on the sight words now.Thank you so much for a great product. You definately know what you are doing. And he asks to watch 'words' all the time. I am amazed!
—Courtney R. in Atlanta, GA
My 19 mth old and 3.5 year old LOVE the dvd's!!! My 19 mth old is picking up the letters so fast. Its amazing! Not only are my children learning. Its entertaining enough to keep the kids attention and I am able to get some housework done! Cant wait to purchase some other things from your site!
—Jessica S. in Hawaii
Awesome product. I have all the videos. So far we have worked on letters and numbers. Just now starting the Colors DVD. My 20 month old knows most of her letters and a few numbers after 2 weeks! Great product!
—Maria in Pacific Palisades, CA
I have a 3 year old daughter who loves this DVD. She has watched it everyday for about two weeks now and she now knows ALL upper and lower case letters. Her brother is 5 and he doesn't even know all of his letters yet. I guess he should watch this DVD as well. I just ordered the other 6 DVD's by Preschool Prep and look forward to my daughter learning her numbers, shapes, and site words. Thank you Preschool Prep.
—Jennifer in Montana
My son was two and was working on colors and having some difficulty and I found a store selling Meet the Colors and I bought the disc. My son loved the disc so I went back and bought Meet the Letters and Numbers and before I knew it, he knew all his letters, numbers and colors. I went back and bought the package set of Meet the Site Words and I can't believe how fast he learned to recognize words. He is off and reading words that he recognizes and he just turned 3 Dec. 21, 2009. I love this series and so does my son. He will watch them several times a day and he loves the characters. I would highly recommend this series to everyone I know.
—Linda in Pennsylvania
My son is 19 months old and has been watching meat the letters since he was about 6 months old. Even at 6 months he would watch the whole thing. We purchased the boxed set for his first birthday and he love all of the movies. He is obsessed with letters. He points them out every where. He can also count to 11, and recognize most of the shapes. These movies are wonderful, everyone always marvels at how smart our son is and truly believe the main reason is Pre School Prep. He gets so excited to watch them. Thank you so much.
—Tai P. in Chicago
My daughter started watching these videos at 16 months. Now at 18 months she knows all the letters, numbers, shapes, colors and about 30 site words. It is amazing. We did not realize she knew these things until she randomly started picking out these items in her environment. In a book she would name letters or maybe a shape. We were shocked. For Christmas we bought her the word flash cards thinking they would be used in the future. When she picked up the box and brought it over to me pointing and saying the words that were pictured on the front, again we were shocked. We have five kids and this is the first time we have used Preschool prep, I wished we had this years ago. I tell all of my friends this program is a must have. Thank You Preschool Prep. We are looking forward to the easy reader site word books. Thanks Again.
—Melissa A. in Chesapeake, VA
I just want to let you folks know that my 18-month old grandson has mastered the Alphabet using the Meet the Letters DVD. People we know are in awe. It took him about a month and a half to learn the alphabet. We also have started him on sight words and numbers and he already know many of those. Great products!
—Joe P.
We are a recent US emmigrant family in US. My little kids are born here (twins). Our english is not perfect and we speak our language at home. In a bilingual environment my kids were finding speaking difficulties. They are almost two and a half years old now. A year ago we enrolled them to a speech therapy school but with little succes. They were also attending day care since they were 3 months old. We tried different methods to make them speak english, speaking only english to them, buying and reading english books to them, finding age apropriate DVD movies for them, but there was little change in their speech. We started to think we were hopeless. One day at Costco I found 7 DVD collection from Preschoolprepco and 'BOOM'. I played the DVD-s to kids and they liked that. My kids started to interact with letters and numbers trying to indentify them and to spell them correctly. In two three weeks they learned the alphabet, and furthermore they started to use the language to interact with us. As soon as the DVD content is played they go in front of the TV screen and try not only to repeat what they hear but with their fingers they follow the shapes of the letters in the screen. We as parents were simply amazed. Simply a BIG 'Thank You' to You guys
—Marjan in Detroit, MI
This series is AMAZING!! I saw an ad about Preschool Prep in a parenting magazine about a year ago and although I was completely skeptical I ordered the books. My twin sons picked up so much right away that I ordered the DVDs. They are now 22 months old - they know their colors, shapes, letters and numbers and half of the sight words (still working with the DVDs). They love the books and DVDs and I couldn't be more thrilled at their progress. I can't thank you enough for providing the educational material that got my sons excited about learning.
—Lenora in White Plains, NY
I started my daughter Sophia on your dvd's at four months old. She loved them! By six months, she could watch one all the way through. We didn't know how much she had learned until she started talking.By twelve months, she knew her numbers, letters, shapes and colors. We started her on sight words at twelve months. She began breezing through those. People are shocked when she recites all she knows. Now, at sixteen months, she exclaims letters, numbers and sight words when we see them in other venues eveywhere we go. When we put in here preschool dvd, she says OOOOHHH YEAH! Thank you!
—Lisa in Alabama
When are you going to make a 4th video? I purchased the (3) sight word videos for my grandson and he learned all the words in about 2 weeks! The videos helped him tremendously this year in Kindergarten. He is reading library books and testing over the material online. I have now ordered the letters, numbers, colors, and shapes for my 20 month old grand-daughter. Thanks so much for a great product, but PLEASE, if at all possible, create another sight word series! Again, thanks!
—Jenny in Kentucky
Oh, these dvds are so amazing, my daughter loves them. She is 22 months and knows all her letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. She wakes up asking to watch them. The only things she likes as much is 'Mary Poppins!' Thank you so much! I also love that you made the board books and coloring books, not only to reinforce the learning, but also to teach toddlers that reading is fun (as fun as tv).
—Andrea in Memphis, TN
My almost 2 1/2 year old son LOVES the preschool prep company videos and books! I teach preschool, so I was especially surprised to see how fast he was learning. He knows all of his letters, numbers, shapes, and all of the sight words!! He is practically already reading because of them! I still can't believe how much he can read to me from books and all the words he points out in public!
Your product 'Meet the Sight Words' is OUTSTANDING!!!!!! I am truly disappointed you don't go beyond 3 volumes. My 4 year old son learned all 45 sight words (3 volumes) in less than a month. Your product is ideal for visual learners. I love the way you use a a cartoon as well as a different song for each word. I just have one request.....please consider going beyond those 45 sight words. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR UNDERSTANDING THE WAY LOTS OF CHILDREN LEARN!!!! God bless you!
— Janella in Lawrenceville, GA
My son already knew his letters, numbers, colors and shapes at two and I had to find something that would keep him entertained while learning. I purchased Meet the Sight Words, Vol. 1, 2 & 3 and WOW!!!! He learned all of them in two weeks. Now at three he has started reading. These REALLY work!! And he still askes to watch them, a year later.
— Dayna in Grand Prairie, TX
I use all the products you have in my day care. The parents can't believe how much there children are learning. I wish you would come out with more. My 28 month old has learned all of this and this has helped her with reading and talking. I tell everyone about your products.
— Tammy G. in Pennsylvania
I bought Meet the Letters first. My son learned them in less than 2 weeks. Then I bought Meet the Numbers. He knows all his numbers, all in less than 2 days. Now I have ordered the Sight Words set. Highly Recommended!
—Raji in Dallas, TX
I LOVE these videos!!! I originally bought them for my daughter when she turned 4 to get her ready for school, and to my amazement, not only did she absorb everything on the dvd's, but so did my 18 month old son!! They both know their alphabet (upper & lower), their numbers, colors and shapes and each has at least a 20 sight word recognition! Thanks Preschool Prep Co!
—Sarah in Raleigh, NC
I am amazed at how easily our son has learned his sight words. He is 2 1/2 years old and literally learned each dvd's list after watching them 2-3 times. He can even read a word and tell us which dvd it's on. We are blown away. As a former elementary educator, I feel strongly about not 'schooling' children so early in their little lives. My husband and I read to our son since we brought him home from the hospital and allowed him to watch very little television. I can honestly say that everything he's learned has been through play; as I had hoped it would be. When I heard about your dvd's I was skeptical because I didn't feel like we needed to be 'teaching' him so early, and I was concerned about the time spent in front of the tv. I can tell you we were hooked when he asked to 'watch 1' when he woke up from his nap one day. 3 weeks later I took him to the store with me to buy '2' and '3' as he calls them, and he begged me to watch '3' right after '2.' I thought it would be too soon...that he would confuse the words. Not a chance. He sees the words like his little friends. He asked me last week while we were on vacation in Florida if he could take 'go' and 'have' to bed with him for the night. Wow! Today, 1 month after purchasing and watching all 3 dvd's (along with 'Meet the Letters') he can read every sight word flashcard....both sides. I don't even ask him to recite them to me. He sees the cards sitting in his playroom, and soon thereafter, he's busy lining them up and talking to them. Playing and learning.....exactly what we had hoped for. Thank you for making learning fun for our little ones. I look forward to seeing the sight word books this Winter.
—Parent in Oklahoma
These videos are wonderful. My son loves all of them. He learned his sight words very quickly. I was wondering if you would be coming out with any spanish videos. I think my son would learn a foreign language quickly with this format. I would love for him to get a head start before he has to take a language in school. Please let me know if any other new products will be coming out also. Thank you.
I bought the Meet the Sight Words [DVD] series. My son just turned 2 and he was able to memorized all 3 [DVDs] . Pretty amazing ...
—Ida in Cypress, California
My baby boy (21 mos.) loves Meet the Sight Words. He has learned most of the words on vol. 1-3. Please tell me you will be coming out with more words! P.S. I have taught my other 4 boys to read, but this has been the easiest, most enjoyable way to teach sight words. Thank you creating Meet the Sight Words!
—Tracy in Pueblo, Colorado
Thanks for a outstanding product! I homeschool my two boys (ages two and three) along with two other boys ages 1 and 4. I must add that my 2 year old son just turn two 3 days ago. The older boys that I homeschool gobble up all three set of sight words in lest than two week. My two year son can recognize all the shapes and letters. Furthermore, much too my surprise, he has learned three sight words (all, some, and). The other 1 year boy, can recgonize the letters A - I. I have all your DVDs, coloring books, flash cards, board books and the workbook...Please make another SET of sight words DVDs.
—Trinda in Texas
I recently ordered Meet the Sight Words for my 2 and 3 year old. I play them in the car twice a day each day for a total of 2 hours/day at most. They caught on to them in less than two weeks! I have all your other DVD's. My children know all of them. Will you be coming out with any other videos soon? Is there any other company out there like yours? I really thought these DVD's would last the summer, but they learned all the sight words in two weeks. They love the video's! Please help me find something else to teach them. I gave the flash cards to my husband when he got home and had him show them to the kids. He was floored with what they knew.
—Jami in Arizona
My son just turned 3 on April 1st and he's been loving all your DVDs for almost a year. He can read every book we give to him and he can spell so many words is really surprising to people that we come in contact with at the park or at school. Everyone asks how did he learn to read and everything. We are constantly telling everyone about the Preschool Prep DVDs he watches. Last week we were at the park and recognized a family that we had met about 8 months ago. They were exited to tell us about how they bought the DVDs we told them about so long ago because Miles was so impressive with his skills. That was nice to think that we could make a little difference in their lives for the better. I don't think Miles is ready for any Spelling Bee competitions or anything like that but he's doing so well with reading, spelling and drawing that I've been wanting to write and tell you about this. Thank you very much for head start he's gotten, I believe, because of this series of shows you have available.
—Marc, Lyn and Miles in Bakersfield, CA
Fantastic products! Our 3.5 daughter has the 3 sightwords DVDs, Letters and Numbers. I was astounded at how quickly she learned upper and lower case letters. We recommend your products regularly. Thanks so much!
—Glenys in Wilmette, IL
I bought all of your sight word dvds for my son when he was about 2; he not only knows all the words on the dvds, but he can sound words out and read simple books. When I ask him to choose either 1, 2 or 3 he says 4 and I agree!! When are you guys going to make another dvd. I just went on Dolch's website and their dvd is terrible!! Please tell me that #4 is in the works. I have recommened you to every parent I know. Please make up a #4 dvd.
—Maria in New York
My son is a very smart child and loves to learn, however I was having a difficult time teaching him his numbers and letters. After watching the DVD's for about 1-2 weeks he new almost all his letters AND numbers. I couldn't believe it. I just recently purchased the set of Sight Words DVDs and he knows almost all of them. I am impressed and so proud of him. I wish that there were more DVDs with more words. He just loves all the characters. Thank you, thank you!
—Renee in Mililani, Hawaii
I originally got the sight words series for my 5 yr old daughter, but my two yr old son now can read at her level now!
—Patricia in Wisconsin
I purchased all the series (Meet the Letters, Meet the Shapes, Meet the Numbers, and Meet the Colors). My son just turned 2 and he knows his alphabet, colors, shapes, and numbers. I absolutely love these tapes. His daycare teachers are amazed of how much he knows already. I currently bought the first DVD of Meet the Sight Words and the flash cards. It's terrific, a great learning tool for reading. My husband is amazed that our son is actually reading.
—Danielle in Newark, Delaware
Two of my granddaughters loved watching the Meet the Letters video. I was amazed that both of them learned their letters within two weeks. They are 2 & 3 years old. These videos are fantastic learning tools. The kids are having so much fun, they don't even realize that they are learning.
—Maureen in Michigan
My daughter comes home from Pre K and actually ask to watch the site word series of dvds. The teachers are all bragging on how well she identifies and can spell the words. This has been a great investment.
—Antwanette in Georgia
My 3yr old grandson didn't recognize his letters, I stumbled onto your web sight and gave him what turned out to be an excellent Christmas present. I noticed that he loved playing meet the colors. I reached for meet the letters and noticed that the wrapping was already off. I wondered did I get a used pack? Any way I stuck the dvd in the player, my grandson immediately recognized the music and came running towards me. To my amazement he knew every letter. I played the flash cards section, he was a pro. The fact is that the pack was well used by my grandson.He knows his colors, letters, shapes and he loves the sight words. I am now ordering by work book with much excitement, and I am patiently waiting for the easy reader books to become available. I read the testimonals, lots of hype I thought. Please forgive me. I was so wrong. I am so very grateful to your company.. Please continue to maintain your high standards. One more very satisfied grandmother.
—Maureen in New York
I just want to thank you for ur amazing dvds my son was 14 months when he learnd all the alphabets, colors, shapes and numbers he is year and a half now and he knows all the sight words. We are looking forword for new products, he loves them so much!
—Luke's Mom
We got the dvd 'meet the colors' for my at that time 1yr old. He sat on his chair absorbed with the content of the video that before the video ended he was saying the colors before it was said. He is 2 now and still watches the dvd and enjoys the characters. I think it's time to move to the next phase with letters, numbers, etc. He knows most of his letters (uppercase) through the old fashion (homemade) flashcards but I think he will develop his skills with more interest and fun with the videos. I am pleased to see that there are learning tools that is available for toddlers today that's fun. I, as a parent, am always appreciative with any product out there that will help boost my children's development during this crucial time for learning. Thank you.
—Susana in Corona, CA
My 26 month old boy learned the first set of sight words so quickly, I am ordering dvd 2 and 3. It is truly amazing.
—Cynthia V.
I cannot believe how quickly my daughter who isn't even 2 yet has learned her letters. She now points them out everywhere we go! You have created a great product that every child should have access to. Thank you!
—Amy N.
Your product lived up to the advertising. I am truly amazed at what my baby learned using your products. Jared was barely talking when he turned two and by 27 months he not only spoke but also was able to adentify all his letters, numbers 1-10, colors and shapes. The representatives from the EDIS- Early Developmental Intervention Service were amazed too. I would like to know if you are planning to add a second number volume. Jared is ready to learn at least 11-20 possibly more. Your products are great and I would like to keep Jared soaking up as much as possible while he is still a sponge and enjoys it.
—Parent Testimonial
My son learn whole alphabet capital and small letters, numbers,shapes, colors and words. He sing whole alphabet song and he was recognise alphabet when he was just 1 and half year old and now he is almost three and he know lots of stuff. Thanks to preschool prep.
—Sonal in Canton, MI
I purchased the series of DVDs, letters, numbers, shapes, sightwords and colors after reading a parenting magazine. I thought, I'd give it a try. Once they arrived, I immediately poped one into the DVD player for my 3 year old and he loved it from the start. In fact, I am so impressed with the DVDs, I've recommended them to my family and friends. My son views these DVDs daily. By the second day of viewing, he had mastered 'Letters, colors and sightwords 3.' I am totally amazed!!! These videos come highly recommended. I am hoping there will be more to come!
—Terry in LaPlata, MD
My daughter started watching the videos at the age of 2 she is currently 4 yrs old and she is able to read very well and write. I am currently teaching her at kindergarten/ 1st grade level. Thank You to your wonderful videos that got us started you made us believers everyone who meets Ada is totaly amazed at what she has learned. I tell them to start with your videos they are the best.
—Amalia, El Paso, TX
Hello, Just wanted to send a quick comment to say that I love your bilingual products. I really like the voices used for the spanish portion since they are so clear in the pronunciation of the words which helps my daughter not only understand but speak correctly and clearly herself. I was wondering if you will be making any more DVDs in bilingual or spanish? Maybe music CDs reviewing the numbers, letters, shapes? (PS: Thank you for including the entire Spanish alphabet. This is the first product that call out the entire Spanish alphabet which is important in the language for future reading as well) Also, thank you for using the various formats/fonts for letters and numbers, such as the 'a's and the number 4's. Very helpful. Keep up the great work!!! Your products are great all around!!!
—Parent Testimonial
This is a really great product. My son is 2 and he loves watching it, it is definitely entertaining. If he is going to watch tv it might as well be educational, and this is. Within a few weeks he knew the shapes, letters, numbers and the colors.There are so many products out there but I am impressed with this and I will use them for my daughter later on too.
—Tessa, Boca Raton, FL
My daughter has been watching these since she was 6 months old and knows all of them. She starts Preschool in 5 months. Every Daycare should own a set of these DVDs!
—Dina, Hot Springs, AR
My daughter is only 20 months old and she knows almost all of her letters from watching 'Meet the Letters!' It's amazing!!! I am definitely a fan!!! I already have all of them except for Meet the Sight Words and those are next!!! They are so worth it!! If I would have known about these sooner I probably wouldn't have spent most of the money I spent on other dvds!!! I would have gone right to this!!!
—Jennifer, Long Island, NY
I can testify that these videos are remarkable. My granddaughter before the age of two is identifying words and recognizes the upper and lower class letters. Numbers are so easy. I wish you would do numbers above ten.
—Grandparent Testimonial
I recommend this program to everyone - this program is amazing. My two year old has mastered her letters,shapes, & numbers in just a month. The people at her school are so amazed how smart she is. I just ordered the sight words collection.
—Parent Testimonial
My daughter never liked the Baby Einstein videos but she yells and screams when I ask if she wants to watch Letters etc! She sits perfectly still and repeats every character that comes on screen. They are a wonderful teaching tool to incorporate into our children 's lives. Thank you Preschool Prep!!
—Diane in Brandenburg, KY
We bought the whole DVD set for my 2 year old (now 2 1/2). She now recognizes all of her letters, shapes, colors and can count from 1-10, by herself. The most amazing part is that my 1 year old has been watching them with her since she was 6 months old. She recognized at least 1/2 of her letters and about 2/3 of the sight words from Meet the Sight Words 1. It amazes me how quickly she caught on! These DVDs are amazing.
—Misty, CO
This is a great program! I purhased the DVD Letters; my child watched just one week, she already recognizes more than 80% of the video. I'm also a toddler teacher, I plan to use it as part of my lesson plan.
—Sherri, San Antonio, TX
My 4 year old son loves the Meet the Sight Word DVDs. He has learned all of the sight words in a short time from Meet the Sight Words 1, 2 and 3. He uses his letters to spell the sight word, holds them up for everyone to see and then says them several times like they do on the DVDs. I'm so happy I purchased these DVDs! Thanks for making learning fun and easy!
— Y. GRIFFIN, Chicago, IL
I discovered Preschool Prep Company in the American Baby Magazine just 3 months ago. As a substitute teacher and a mother of a 3 year old boy, I must say that the Preschool Prep Company has a beautiful way of teaching children their basics. I ordered all the parts of Meet the Words for my son. He loves the DVDs. Preschool Prep is definitely a MUST in households and educationals institutions for children.
— Darlene in Michigan
My son loves these videos! He was a slow talker being the only child and not attending daycare. I saw your add in Working Mothers magazine and order them. Wow, what a dramatic change in my two year old! He has complete recognition of letters, numbers, colors, shapes and sight word. Everywhere we go he pointing out numbers or calling out words that he sees. Please more materials! Thank You!
— Nina B., Austell, GA
What a great product! I just had to write and tell you how amazed I am to see my children learn all the sight words so quickly! My son is two years old and my daughter is three, and they really enjoy watching your videos, and request to watch them everyday now (even though they know all the words)...it's wonderful! I plan to recommend these video series to all my friends! Thank you for producing such a great educational series! I hope to see more! PLEASE!!!
— Jeannie S., Olympia, WA
I have to admit, I was a skeptic. But my husband was convinced and purchased the large set for our children. I was astonished! After about 2 weeks, my 22 month old knows all of his letters by sight - upper and lower case - in random order - doesn't matter, he KNOWS them. He knows his numbers, colors, shapes, and sight words - all from watching these videos a couple times a week while we are in the car running errands. Everyone that we run into is just amazed. He LOVES the books too - they are his favorite toy. We recommend this product to all of our friends. THANK YOU for a wonderful product.
— Wade and Alana, Colorado
Here is an added benefit you may want to investigate. I bought meet the letters for my 2 year old son because he enjoys identifying upper case letters. Naturally, he learned lower case letters in 2-3 viewings, but more impressively, this late talker who said less than 20 words says ALL his letters, most numbers to ten, some sight words, and some colors. He learns new sounds and words better from your videos than Teach 2 Talk videos. It's the visual and repetition. Can't beat it.
— Kimberly, New Jersey
My wife is giving our 2 and 3 year olds a bath upstairs. They have these foam letters that they play with. I can hear them naming them all. They just started watching 'Meet the Letters' a couple of weeks ago. They watch it in the car on the DVD player. This is just an UNBELIEVABLE product. You people are wizards. I can't believe how easily they have picked up on the letters.
— Adrian, North Carolina
I have three children. My oldest is turning 13 and my middle child is 8. My youngest is 2 so this video series was new for us when he was a baby. I AM amazed at what he has learned. I also see in him an earlier love of learning and pride in his accomplishments that my other children. My older two became avid readers and are good students, but I feel like the youngest has a head start I wish the older two had had. I also notice that my son is much more talkative than his older siblings, and I think that is because he has a bigger knowledge base for descriptions. We don't eat pizza, we have, Triangle pizza! He doesn't have little cars, he has One, two, three cars! His books have words that have meaning to him, letters that he is familiar with, colors and shapes that he knows. He absorbs the world around him and tells us all about it. And he is only two. Wow. He even 'draws' on paper with crayons and will turn a doodle into a letter if it is close! The only drawback I can see is that kindergarten is looking like it may be pretty boring when he finally gets there! Thanks for helping my son love the world of learning that is around us all!
— Kellie, Connecticut
You do really amazing work. My 21 month old daughter knows her numbers, shapes, colors, ABCs and all the words on the first one thanks to you. And we have a wonderful time sitting and watching them together before nap each day. Thank you for what you've given us.
— Parent Testimonial
Wow; Honestly, I did not believe this would work but at the age of 20 months our son knew the letters upper and lower case; It was amazing because there are three years old who struggles with letters. Thank you
— Dahlia, North Brunswick, NJ
This is a wonderful educational product that actually works! My toddler (25 months) started with the Letters in Oct. 2007, within a month he could recognize his upper and lower case letters. He not only recognizes the letters within the DVD but also in books, magazines and signs in stores. This is amazing as he does not really talk, yet he can say and recognize the letters. The other DVDs are also excellent. He knows his numbers 1-10 and has started learning colors and shapes. The pediatrician was amazed at his 2-year exam. I told two of my friends about Preschool Prep. They ordered the set and have had the same outstanding results. Baby Einstein only wishes it could educate half this much for little ones!
— Lynnie, New York
We started my daughter on Meet the Letters and Meet the Numbers at 6 months b/c she loved the characters and it would keep her occupied for a long time! At about 12 months she began talking and all of the sudden we realized that she knew half of the alphabet and all of her numbers. So, now at 18 months she knows her entire alphabet, numbers 1-10, all of the colors and some and all of the shapes in the video. I think these videos are amazing and are well worth it to purchase. I recommend these to all of my friends!
— Ashley, New Jersey
I had came across preschool prep from American Baby Magazine and when I ordered Meet the letters I was so surprised on how quickly my 18-month old son caught on. He is 23 months now and knows all his letters and when we go out to the store he points to different letters and says his ABC's. So I will be buying more video's.
— Tiffany, Virginia Beach
Let me tell all of you parents out there...This is a MUST for your children! I ordered over $210 worth of Learning DVD's and these are the ONLY ones that worked for my children. My 19 month LOVES WATCHING and has known all of his letters, shapes, colors and numbers for over 5 months. My friends and family are AMAZED!! My pediatrician was ASTOUNDED when she saw him in action. My 9 month old knows A B C already! Thanks PreschoolPrepco!!! Keep up the good work!!!
— Parent, Pittsburgh, PA
I just want to thank you for creating such a fabulous program!! I purchased all of the tapes when my son was 12 months old and he learned all of his letters, numbers, shapes and colors in no time flat. He is now 19 months and has known all of the numbers, letters, shapes and colors for about 4 months now. The best part is he loves watching them over and over!!! When I originally read the testimonials, I didn't believe that it could happen..But, Nathan is living proof and I am still so amazed!!! Thank you again! I have recommended you to EVERYONE I KNOW!!!
— Parent Testimonial
I laughed when I was asked to let my 14-month baby participate in a study where she would learn letters. She couldn't even talk! I was amazed when, at her two-week assessment she knew 14 letters! She is now 16 months old and knows all of her letters. WOW!
— Parent, Walnut Creek, CA
I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful gift you gave my twins, the gift of literacy.
— Parent Testimonial
I can't believe how much they enjoy letters and books. Since watching 'Meet the Letters', they are acutely aware of all the letters around them.
— Parent in Dublin, CA
I know that I would not have been able to achieve this letter recognition this early on my own. I am forever grateful.
— Parent Testimonial
The bonus to this great video is that my daughter learned the entire alphabet, both capital and lowercase, in a little less than two weeks. She is only two!
— Parent in San Ramon, CA
When my son was 23 months, he didn't know any of his letters and then I showed him the 'Meet the Letters' video. He immediately fell in love with the adorable letter characters and within 3 weeks he knew all his upper and lowercase letters.
— Parent Testimonial
I knew this video was a hit the second my daughter saw it. She was having a 'very bad day' and the moment the letters came on the screen she stopped crying and was mesmerized by what she saw and heard.
— Parent Testimonial
I love your DVDs! We first borrowed the Meet the Colors from the library when our daughter was about 14 months. Not only did she learn her colors very quickly, she loved watching it. She is now 20 months and recently we tried Meet the Numbers. I was amazed when she grabbed her foam number 8 and said eight! tonight! She doesn't say a lot of words so I was surprised. I tested her and she knew most her numbers and has seen the DVD maybe 5 times. We are now on hold for Meet the Shapes, to reinforce these since she already knows them. Thanks for making such a great product.
—Susie in Utah
This video is awesome! It is so great that my son who was 1 1/2 before learned the numbers in just a week! I wish you could make a video about building words and reading too... please? ASAP!
— Rholice in Parma, OH
You have done it again! 'Meet the Numbers' is another highly educational video that my daughter loves! She wants to watch it over and over and it makes me happy to know that she is learning so much from it!
— Parent Testimonial
I played 'Meet the Numbers' for my four-year-old son who could count but didn't recognize numbers yet. While watching with him, my one- and three-year-old daughters learned their numbers too. They all knew their numbers after watching the video three times!
— Parent Testimonial
My daughter started watching 'Meet the Numbers' before she could talk. I could tell that she knew her numbers when she would point to the magnets on our refrigerator and get excited. Now that she talks she tells me their names. Thanks for such a great video!
— Parent Testimonial
My kids each have their favorite 'Meet the Numbers' character and so do I! The number four is so clever that I find myself running into the room every time that I know that it is going to be on.
— Parent Testimonial
Since my son started watching 'Meet the Numbers' he has become obsessed with naming numbers and counting. When we drive in the car he tells me every number on every sign that he sees.
— Parent Testimonial
My daughter is 17 months old. I didn't know that she could count until this morning when I saw her counting her blocks. The funny thing was that she was imitating the voices of the characters from Meet the Numbers as she counted!
— Parent Testimonial
This is a wonderful program. My daughter watched the video 3 times and she has memorized her shapes. I have plans to get the set of sight words next.
— Sherri, San Antonio, TX
Preschool Prep Company has done it again. My daughter learned all eight shapes after viewing 'Meet the Shapes' twice. This video is amazing!
— Parent, Boston, MA
So many videos claim to be educational but do not teach a thing. My kids have learned more from this video than from all their other videos put together.
— Parent, Scottsdale, AZ
Just wanted to say Congratulations to you for creating such a wonderful learning opportunity for kids. I bought the dvd set a couple of years ago when I had two kids then ages 4 and 2. They both learned shapes, colors, numbers and letters in just a matter of days . I was amazed at how quickly they picked up learning from those videos! Now I have a third child 17 months old and he just absolutely loves to watch them as well. Really keeps kids attention! One of the best investments for my kids I've ever made! Definitely something I can keep for furture kids and grandchildren and share with friends. I even told my pediatrician about your website so she to can pass along the info!!!! I have since purchased sight words and thinking about getting the vowel sounds as I now have one in Kindergarten and preshool. I look forward to new products! Thanks again, we love your dvd's.
— Patti, Ohio
My daughter was introduced to these videos in her daycare, at 3 months. She is now 18 months and can recognize letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. What is even more amazing to me is seeing her recognize the sight words and say them before the video pronounces them. Great product!
— Jill, Indiana
My daughter is 3 years old and has been watching #2 for only 2 days now. She doesn't want to stop watching it! She has been calling it the piggy movie because of the pig on on the dvd/cover. She can already consistently read she, he, with, my, see, but, like, and they! In fact, as I was typing that list she was reading me the words after I typed them! I am amazed! Let me tell you why I am amazed, she cannot consistently point out letters, numbers, colors, or shapes! Well, to be honest she can consistently pick out triangles and circles. We are of course working on all of those but she hasn't been able to pick them up, I was thinking that maybe she is too young! Obviously, I was very wrong! I won these DVDs through a blog giveaway, and I wasn't expecting much to be honest! I am now sold and when I have the funds I hope to be able to purchase Meet the Letters, Shapes, Colors, and Numbers. Thanks for such a great product!
— Rebecca, Tulsa, OK
My grandchildren love Meet the Sight Words! They have already mastered the 45 sight words! When are you going to release a 4th and 5th video? We can't wait. Thanks!
— Grandparent Testimonial
My daughter loves to watch Meet the Sight Words and she mastered all the words by the age 2 1/2. Is your company planning to create different volumes of the site words DVD to introduce kids to new words. If not--you should think about it. I would buy them!
— Keri, California
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