I am a teacher with a double masters and a parents of 4 kids, 2 adopted from Korea and 2 bio, one of who has Down syndrome. I used this set with my son going to and fro to his many therapies a week. Prior to entering preschool, he was 4, he knew all of his numbers up to 10, knew all of the letters and could read basic sight words. Did I mention he has Down syndrome? Yep, kids with Down syndrome CAN read and can read early on! Just like any typical child. These DVDs helped my son retain the info presented because of the visuals and the way the sounds are presented. She uses inflection that is fun and memorable. Any child can learn from these! My other two young ones came along to all the therapies, they were only 2 and 3 at the time, and they also learned all of their numbers and sight words. No phonics programs or tedious curricula for any of my kids. I love these. Now newly adopted our 4th child from Korea, these will surely come in handy! Can't wait!

Darcy, Phoenix, AZ

Your products are AMAZING! My Autistic 6 year old son saw your videos on YouTube and instantly fell in love with you! He has sped past others in his inclusion classroom and I couldn't be happier for him! He basically learned addition and subtraction over School Vacation! Thank You!

— Christine, Orange, MA

My son, who has Autism, is 5 years old. He has been a BIG fan of Preschool Prep Company Books, flash cards and iPad Apps, since he was diagnosed right before the age of 3, & now the DVD's. When he regressed at 18 months to 2 1/2 years old, he went completely non verbal. Although my son can now say many words, and put together 3-4 & sometimes 5 word sentences requesting his needs, he is still non-conversational. The amazing thing is that he can read and spell VERY well. I think Preschool Prep helped him A LOT. Thank you for making learning fun and easy for him. I'm hoping everyone discovers what a great teaching/learning tool this is. Wishing you all the best! XOXO,

— Jacqueline L., Franklin Lakes, NJ

My son was largely non verbal. He picks up things from multimedia that he does not so readily from people. Using your products he learned his colors, shapes, numbers, sight words, and now he is loving the phonics dvds. He is 6 years old and your products have helped him immensely!!!!!!!! The music, repetition, and characters draw him in and help him to learn. I think many autistic children would benefit from your products. My 'typical' son has enjoyed them as well. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

— April

I have a daughter with Down Syndrome. We started using your videos in preschool. Because of your videos keeping her attention, she now knows all her letters, colors, numbers, and most sight words from your videos. She is in 1st grade now, and I am going to order the phonics videos. We struggled getting her to memorize all this info, but your videos made it interesting to her. It gives a visual picture that she can remember easier. Thank you!

— Tina R., Union, KY

My son Trevor has PDD(pervasive developmental disorder) and we have purchased the phonics videos for my son and he learned them within 2 weeks. They are amazing. We also have the sight word and letter sounds and same thing he just soaked them up like a sponge when he watched them. Anyone who knows anyone with a child with special needs or even who has difficulty with reading buy these you will not be disappointed.

— Hattie J., Corunna, MI

I have a 6 year old son with Autism. He is currently in Kindergarten & has been struggling with his sight words all year. I tried flash cards, & a few other methods with no success. I bought Meet the Sight Words 1, & my son knew all the words after watching only 2x. I was amazed when he read the included book to me! I'm waiting for 2 & 3 right now. Please continue to expand the dvd's available, they work wonders!!

— Kim E., Winter Park, Fl


— linda s., new york
I found out about Preschool Prep when I made a freecycle request asking for Baby Einstein. Another mom emailed me reccomending your DVD's instead. We bought the 7 DVD pack for our son's 1st birthday. He enjoyed watching the videos, even though he wasn't talking. At 18 months, he was evaluated and made eligible for early intervention speech therapy. Now with the addition of speech therapy, he is showing us all that he knows - spouting out shapes, colors, letters and numbers. He is reading signs and playing games on the iPad. We just started watching the sight word dvds.
— Dawn in Minooka, IL
My son has had several set backs due to numerous open heart surgeries. He is 4 years old and since using the DVD's and coloring books...he now knows his numbers, colors, shapes and is learning letter recognition. last year he could only speak 2 words...this year he is now repeating words back to us and is learning to write his name. He takes the videos for show in-tell to preschool and sleeps with the coloring books. We are so grateful for your products and not to mention...your customer service was exceptional! Thank you.
— Kristen L., Northfield, MN
Your DVD's are a God-send!! My mildly autistic son mastered his numbers, colors, and shapes when he was 2 1/2 years old. He mastered his letters just after turning 3. He is now working on his sight words. He started saying them during the first time of watching the Words 1 DVD. Your DVD's are such an encouragement to this mom who for those early months could only see what he could not do. Blessings to you and your company! Can't wait until the phonics DVD's are available! Please hurry!!! :)
— Amy P. in Birmingham, AL
I must say the video set I purchased has amazed I and my husband. We have a 5 year old son who is Autistic, from the moment we opened the videos they have attracted him like you would not believe!! Nicholas, our son, has been nonverbal since his 2nd b-day. There wasn't a day we prayed he would speak or even show us affection like my children do. The affection may have come before the verbal communication, but your videos have helped him TREMENDOUSLY!! We see light at the end of his tunnel and these videos have entered into his world!! Thank You so much!!!!
—Amandah Smith
My 10 year old daughter has Pervasive Developmental Delay (PDD-NOS--a form of Autism) and I was told she would probably never read. I stumbled on your Numbers video by accident--shortly after watching it just a few times Ellie became excited about numbers (she had no interest in them before that) and was identifying numbers 1 to 10 every where she went. Since the Numbers video had been such a success I ordered the Meet the Sight Words videos. Well, she loves these videos and has learned every Sight Word on all 3 videos. When the Sight Word books came out I ordered those and, you guessed it, she's reading them!!!! We hope you will make more of these videos and books as they have really worked miracles with a little girl who was never supposed to read!!! Please let us know what you've got coming next.
—Ruth S. in Bellville, Texas
I have an autistic son who will soon be 3, and I started getting these videos for him a few months ago. I first got Meet The letters, and Meet The Sight Words 1. He watched them bolth for 3 weeks, and had learned all the letters, was trying to sing the alphabet song, and had learned all the sight words. I was in shock! I immediately ordered the Meet The Numbers, and then what do ya know 3 weeks later, he knew all his numbers! So I told my Mom about this, and she was so thrilled, she went ahead and ordered him the other 4 videos that the company makes! Dassan not only knows his letters, numbers, colors and shapes, but his language has tripled! Life is more of a joy for him then it ever has been because he knows what things are now, and he understands things better! I will promote this videos till the end of time! I really hope there will be more videos in the future, I won't hesitate to buy them!
— Dominga and Dassan
Our 6 yo son with learning/processing disabilities and autism was having trouble reading his sight words at an automatic pace (as expected in mainstream Kindergarten) without trying to sound them out every time. He viewed all 3 Meet the Sight Words DVDs and after a week or two can now rapid fire all 45, faster than his twin sister! He LOVES the DVDs so much he wanted all the books, flashcards....the whole set. It's become one of his favorite things to do. He chooses your DVDs over the most popular kids movies! PLEASE continue on in the Sight Word list with more words, Easy Readers, Sentence Builders, Spelling, Addition, Subtraction.... computer software would be great.... we've tried EVERYTHING and this is the only tool that has worked.... in very little time! You could help many children with this approach who struggle to learn through conventional modalities. You're on to something BIG here... don't stop at Preschool!!
— Gina in Orlando, Florida
How special to have a great resource for my autistic 5 year old! He loves the whole collection, thank you so much for giving us the confidence that our little boy is well on his way to learning and talking in full sentences. After all, knowledge is power!
— Monica in Fresno, CA
My five year old son has Autism Spectrum Disorder. We were unable of his potential until recently when we discovered your DVDs. Once a nonverbal child, he is now talking and reading sight words, recognizing shapes and colors, and communicating more. My family and I deeply thank you for these inspiring tools. And yes, we were and still amazed at what our little one is learning!
— Angela
My daughter is in first grade and she is autistic. The meet the sight words videos, flash cards and books worked miracles with her and now she is right on grade level with reading. She learned all the sight words after watching the videos 3 or so times each and now loves reading the books. I have been an elementary school teacher for 13 years and would highly recommend the dvds, flash cards and books to any parent with young children.
— Karen S.
Thank you for such a wonderful product! I ordered your "Meet the Sight Words" video for my 7 year old daughter with apraxia. She was able to learn the words very quickly. Little did I know that my 3 year old son would master them within days! We can't thank you enough! You make teaching and learning so fun!
— Pattie in Chicago, IL
I am a Special Education preschool teacher that teachers children with autism. My class loves your videos. We watch Meet the shapes,colors, letters and numbers regularly because they are my students favorite videos. The way each skill is delivered really benefits my students. Through repition they are all learning. Thanks so much for producing these excellent videos.
— Ardythe in Riverside, CA
We had been working with our older daughter, who is in kindergarden and has high functioning autism, every day to try to learn sight words with NO success. We incorrectly assumed she'd pick reading up quickly because she loves to be read to all the time. I bought the series Meet the Sight Words out of desperation and didn't really expect it to work. Imagine my surprise when she started finally recognizing sight words after 3 or 4 days. We worked day in and day out and then just yesterday my older daughter got tired of doing even more flashcards, left the room and my 2 year old daughter started reading them. I didn't even realize she had been learning to read at the same time. I just thought she liked the animations. I highly encourage this product. I am also very excited about Meet the Phonics! We'll be first in line!
— Maria in Hawaii
The sight word DVD's are awesome. They were donated to my special education classroom by a very caring grandmother who thought they might help her 7 year old autistic grandson learn to recognize his words. She was absolutely correct. After only watching the Sight Word 1 video for a week, once a day, he already knows 9 sight words. Now he askes to watch them when he enters my room. I place the ones he knows on my door and he reads them off to me whenever he enters or exits the room. He is actually watching the video and then telling me which words to place on the door. THIS PROGRAM IS THE BEST!!! I just wish there were more sight word videos that covered words beyond the kindergarten level!
— Rhonda P. in West Virginia
My son who is 3 and diagnosed with PDD-NOS loves the videos. He is a visual learner and learned numbers, shapes and colors is just a few viewings of the dvd. He now uses what he has learned freely when describing a toy or shapes he sees. I would suggest viewing the letters video in segments. My son will be getting Meet the sight words for Christmas. Love the products.
— Melinda in Norwood, MA
When I first bought Meet the Sight Words set it was an after-thought. Oh what the heck, mine as well try it, kinda thing. After watching the first video twice in one day my kids were reading and pointing out 4 sight words in books. In one day! I have 6 year old adopted triplets with special needs. They have fetal alcohol syndrome, severe speech and learning disabilities, and dislexia. They are currently in special ed kindergarten. Before these videos they did not know 1 sight word despite months of working with other techniques. This DVD set is amazing! You know something works when you see imediate results. This set will work for all children. It should also be advertised as a product for special needs. Thank you so very much. I tell all of my friends with special needs children to check out all of your videos. I only wish I knew about the other videos years ago. It took 3 years for my boys to learn their ABC's with traditional methods.
— Kara L. in Murrieta, CA
9 months ago my son Julian was diagnosed with PDD-NOS. I found an advertisement in the Parent magazine about Preschool Prep! different from any other I have seen or used. I got all the Preschool Prep videos, and in no time and with the help of all the daily therapies he gets, he learned them all in a very interactive way. I recommend these videos to all children, with disabilities or without. These videos target each topic specifically and separately that is what other video systems lack. Thank you for creating the right way to teach my child! Now he is ahead of the game!!!!
— Maria A. in Staten Island, NY
My son has PDD-NOS but he has learn to memorize and how to spell every word from all three ot the Meet the Sight Words DVDs, including how to spell the names of the 8 colors and 7 shapes. He also memorized/learned his numbers, colors and shapes. He loves these DVDs and watches them everyday. I was wondering are there going to be other Sight Words, colors and number (11-20)DVDs. These DVDs are exceptional for teaching a PDD-NOS child.
— Karin C. in New York
Hi, my name is Andrea Hughes. Mom of 2 special needs kiddos. I currently purchased your sight word video in passing at the store for my developmentally delayed son. Let's just say..I am in awe of your product. I loved it as did my son!! We are currently on a mission to gather all the dvd's for him to watch. Just wanted to thank you and let you know what a great product.
— Warm regards, Andrea Hughes
I just wanted to let you know that your videos are AWESOME. They started teaching my autistic son to read at just 3 years old. He is even writing the words out with absolutely no help and he just turned 4. As a homeschooling mom, I would recommend these videos to any parent of a special needs child! Will you please let me know if you make anymore Sight Word DVD's? I would be so grateful!
— Allison in Texas
The DVDs have been amazingly successful for my son. He's 6 and in Kindergarten, going into 1st grade next year. He has mild autism and some other learning disabilities and is captivated by the DVDs. He now writes all the words, draws pictures of them in his work at school and LOVES to read the stories at the end. He asks to see them over any mainstream kids movie out there. Please tell me you are going to continue to go further into the sight word list past the first 45 words? .... easy reader books to match would be an amazing tool, phonics, a computer software program for using the words to write sentences, etc. We would purchase it all in a second and encourage the school system to do the same. We've already given them the DVDs as gifts for the classroom. The teaching methods used in this material are the only ones that have worked for our son and we have spent lots of money on all kinds of resources.

Thanks so much for this brilliant material! PLEASE keep it growing...

— Gina in Orlando
My six year old daughter has autism. She has been struggling with learning sight words. After watching Meet the sight words 1 for the first time; she has mastered three new words. I will be ordering the other two dvd's and hope more are to follow.
— Dawn in Ontario
Your dvd's are the best learning tools that we have seen. We used them with with our one year old son with Down Syndrome. By the age of two he knew his way through all of your videos... The way that the videos are set up worked very well with the way his brain processed information....repeat, repeat, repeat. We have used two or three different video series and we have found that PPC works the best for our child and the way that his brain is wired. Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for the development of children of all abilities.
— Jeremy in South Florida
I would highly recommend this product to children on the Autistic Spectrum. My daughter is 5 yrs old and had very little speech. She started watching ABC and Sightwords and she started to speak and read words that were from the DVD. This product is excellent because these children love repetitve things. She learned very fast and I will continue to buy this product for her. When I read to her, she is able to identify the words that have been taught to her through this product. She is ablel to read complete sentences and actually speak in complete sentences. Thank you, Preschool Prep for helping me help my daughter communicate with me and the world. We have found the item that we both love to do and that is to read and learn new things. I am know able to be be part of her world and I love it.
—Yvette (mother of Alaysha), New York
Thanks for some really great products for kids-my son has enjoyed and Watched your DVD's over and over again. I can not wait to get your two newest for him. He is special needs and your DVD's has taught him things that no one would be able to in a short amount of time.
— Parent Testimonial
We just started Meet the Letters about 2 weeks ago. My son is VERY developmentally delayed. After 2 weeks of watching I showed him that I ordered "Meet the Numbers" and he pointed to the N, u, m, b, and s and labeled each letter spontaneously! This is a big deal because he speaks mainly sign language and still said each letter! Thank you. This is an amazing learning tool for people of all learning abilities.
— Casey, Orange County, CA
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