I bought this set of videos for my son and daughter-in-law while my daughter-in-law was pregnant. The first four videos: Letters, Numbers, Colors and Shapes, are geared to begin at 9 months of age.

We began showing these first 4 videos to my granddaughter when she was 6 months old. We showed her one video per day on most days, but not every day. She is now 12 months old. She is beginning to say many, many words such as: mommy, daddy, puppy, stop, sock, etc... Most babies say, "Mama" and "Dad-da." They repeat the same sound. So as another example, they might say "Kee Kee" for Kitty cat. Repeating the sound is about all they can do at this age. But my granddaughter says "Mommy," "Daddy" etc... So she is combining 2 completely different sounds together. I think these videos have helped with this! I really do!

Now she is beginning to tell us the names of the letters. We can hold up a letter and say, "What letter is this?" At 12 months, believe it or not, she can tell us the name of the letter!

I am the babies grandmother, as I mentioned above, but I am also a teacher. It is a dream come true when you can teach these things to your children with very little effort on your part. As I said, we simply showed one video per day to my granddaughter and she has learned the letters on her own from the videos alone. Because she is not fully talking yet, we are not sure how well she knows the shapes, colors and numbers. However, we expect that she knows them just as well. It's just really hard for a 12 month old to say, "Triangle" or "Purple." Time will tell in the next few months when she begins to talk more.

My granddaughter is now 14 1/2 months old. She knows and can pronounce every letter. We bought a bucket of foam letters with upper and lower case letters. She even knows the lower case letters. She also knows the numbers and can pronounce the colors purple, pink and blue. Seven is difficult for her to say. I highly recommend these videos. She loves them!

My granddaughter is now 16 months old. She knows all of the shapes and can say them. She knows all the numbers in English and Spanish, because they showed her the videos in Spanish as well.

My granddaughter is now 18 months old. Her parents have shown her the 3 sight words DVDs a few times. She has memorized all 3 levels very quickly.

These DVDs amaze me! She is not reading. She has simply memorized the sightwords.

Tracy Finke from Alabama

I am a parent and a teacher. I was introduced to this program by one of my parents. My son and I watched Meet the Sight Words 1 on Youtube before purchasing. After watching 1x per day for 1 week, my 2 year old knew all but 3 sight words from the video in any context (flashcard, handwritten, or in a book). I immediately began looking for the entire program, which my mother bought for my son's birthday. He was very excited and now knows all of his sight words from all of the videos. I was thrilled to see multiplication and division since I also have a 9 year old. Just received it in the mail and we are STOKED!!!! I am now recommending this to all teachers and parents alike, because it worked on my students as well. Thank you Preschool Prep for your hard work and dedication to the early childhood field! Really hoping you all will create a video set for diphthongs (vowel teams) too! I would definitely preorder that one as well!!

Ebony — Killeen, Texas

Thank you for your wonderful products. I teach students from other countries. Students who come from Japan and China often do not know our alphabet much less the phonetic system. Your CDs provide plenty of repetition and go at a slow pace that's ideal for language acquisition. These CDs also work well with students who have learning challenges. Again, the repetition, engaging graphics and pacing are perfect! Well Done!

— Kip M., Tucson, AZ

Preschool Prep has brought my ability to teach up on a whole new level! Videos, Workbooks, Apps, Coloring and Reading Books along with Colorful Placemats the children are saturated in a fun, colorful way that builds not just a solid foundation but also a high self esteem! I love that the parents can order at home fun too! It's just great to see these children reading as early as 3 years old!

— Kristen E., Noblesville, IN

I randomly picked up Meet the sight words 1 at teacher supply school and within 2 weeks my daycare children from as young as 2 years were reading these words fluently. I then bought the other sight words, letter sounds etc. and they are fantastic! Now my 2year olds, 3year olds and older know all 47 sight words. We practice while we do play doh and puzzles and it's amazing how much they pick up on the creative way the words are presented. Thank you so much!!

— Monique P., Fullerton, CA

I Have a in home Day Care my class learned there colors, shapes, letters with in two months they are awsome. people are so amazed at them when they see what they have learned.


These are some amazing products! I recommend the dvds to parents of every toddler I meet. I am an elementary school teacher and feel that every parent should promote early literacy skills in their kids and this is such an easy way to do it! My son is only two and knows all the skills taught in these videos! They are truly amazing and very cleverly thought out! Some of my third graders have trouble distinguishing letters and reading below level texts. It makes me sad to think that they would not be having that problem if only they had been exposed to the videos.

— Oreoz*****@*******.com

I am a preschool teacher. I love all your DVD's. We use them daily as the back bone for our preschools education learning readiness for kindergarten. It is wonderful to hear reports back from the kindergarten evaluation teacher asking who was the preschool teacher because the children know way more then the minimum requirments. Thank you for doing a fabulous job on these DVD's

— Kimberly W., Rocklin CA

Our 1 year old knows his letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and all of the Sight Words thanks to Preschool Prep.

Our child has school on a daily basis. He wants to watch his "Show." We love seeing our child do the Sight Words flashcards all on his own.

Both my husband and I are educators who believe in preparing our child for school. He will be more than ready for preschool and beyond. Thanks Preschool Prep for making this an easy task for us to do.

— Joni from Monroe, MI
Being a newly retired teacher, I purchased all of the available preschool prep products for my Granddaughter when she was about 2 years old, and they were so successful in teaching her her colors, shapes and letters that I continued to purchase all available products as they come out. She would always ask for "yellow" as soon as she came in the door to my house. She is now 4 and her two year old brother has picked up in her footsteps. He, too, loves the videos and knows his numbers, shapes, colors and some sight words. In addition, when I found your email and ran the demo for your newest product, phonics, the two year old kept asking me to repeat it saying, "See SC, SC, SC". I had to buy it for them and now they both ask for it daily. And my 4 year old asked for the coloring book to go with it. You can't product these products fast enough. They just love them!
— Joan T. from Plantsville, CT
I was a preschool teacher, and now a stay home mom there are very few things on the market that educate and keep a child's attention but Preschool prep has! When you have a child's attention it's limitless what you can teach them so for this wonderful! My three years old is reading, knows all her shapes and numbers and enjoys learning which is the best of all.
— Felicita, Miami, FL
We used Preschool Prep as our Curriculum base. Our class has complete the workbooks and sight words. They are now reading some of the books.
— Donna L. in Oakland, California
It is no accident that my 2.5 year old triplets know ALL their letters, shapes, colors and numbers. In just a few short months of watching these videos, (which they request by name) they have already learned more than many of my incoming kindergarten students. I am beyond impressed with these videos and am so thrilled that my triplets have been given this jumpstart to their education! Thank you!
— Ami B. in Tuscon, Arizona
I bought the sight word DVDs and books at the recommendation of my husband's cousin. Her son and our son are the same age and she and I both teach in the elementary setting and know how critical sight word recognition is. My son LOVES the DVDs and mastered each one in about a five-day span. In about two weeks, my three-year-old knows over 45 sight words and could easily outdo and in some cases outread the kindergarteners that I teach! We can't wait for our 8-month-old daughter to start watching the DVDs, too! I have recommended your product to co-workers, and I'm hoping that you'll come out with more volumes of Meet the Sight Words. I have some word suggestions, if you're interested!
— Jamilah H. from Lafayette, LA
I bought the Meet the Sight Word series when my daughter was 22 months old. She loves watching the videos and asks for them every day. Within 3 months she learned to read all 45 words. She already knew how to read many nouns, however Meet the Sight Words helped bridge the gap she needed to read first grade level books. She is 28 months old. I'm also a kindergarten teacher and have used these DVDs with my students. My students really enjoy them and have learned from them as well. I have recommended these DVDs to many of my friends, family, students' parents, and co-workers.
—Mom and kindergarten teacher in Diamond Bar, CA
My almost 2 1/2 year old son LOVES the preschool prep company videos and books! I teach preschool, so I was especially surprised to see how fast he was learning. He knows all of his letters, numbers, shapes, and all of the sight words!! He is practically already reading because of them! I still can't believe how much he can read to me from books and all the words he points out in public!
I use all the products you have in my day care. The parents can't believe how much there children are learning. I wish you would come out with more. My 28 month old has learned all of this and this has helped her with reading and talking. I tell everyone about your products.
— Tammy G. in Pennsylvania
Our Kindergarten classes here at Woodland Park School have really enjoyed your DVDs. Our students are learning their words more quickly, by using the DVDs. We were so pleased to see that there are two more sight word DVDs. We are ordering them as soon as we can. Thank you very much!
— Glenora M., Woodland Park School
Dear Preschool PrepCo:
I am writing to let you know how wonderful your products are. I've been using the letters, numbers, shapes and colors for some years in my in home day care and the children were really learning. When my grandson was born February 17, 2007 I used the tapes with him and before he was one years old he knew all his letters, colors, numbers and shapes and letter sounds as well as the children in day care. My parents are more than pleased with teaching. I stopped using the monthly curriculum I was buying and began to focus around your product. And now with the sight words my children are beginning to read. I tell moms and other Day Care Providers about this product. It is absolutely, positively incredible. I can't find enough words to describe my love for your products. I would love if there was a dvd of the characters so I could make up sentences for the kids to read. Whoever started this company I would like to say thank you for following through on the idea that came into your mind and allowing others to help make this product so wonderful. One of my parents told me about 'Your Baby Can Read'. The first time I watched it and being used to your repetitions I sent it back within a week. These products have given my grandson and the children in day care the best start I could give them and my business a success. Thank You!
— Renee in Maryland
I discovered Preschool Prep Company in the American Baby Magazine just 3 months ago. As a substitute teacher and a mother of a 3 year old boy, I must say that the Preschool Prep Company has a beautiful way of teaching children their basics. I ordered all the parts of Meet the Words for my son. He loves the DVDs. Preschool Prep is definitely a MUST in households and educationals institutions for children.
— Darlene in Michigan
I teach Kindergarten and love the DVDs I've purchased so far. I put my students in a listening center on wireless headsets and they listen to the 10 minute clip. This is a marvelous feature. I can choose the focus for small groups of children. I can't wait to get going with the next two sight word DVDs. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!
— Teacher Testimonial
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